Dog Guilt

So this look may not scream "TAKE ME FOR A WALK!!!" to you, but over the last three years we've come to decipher these looks from our dog, Tia. This one means... "you haven't been paying attention to me and I'm sick of it - take me for a walk or I'll never stop staring at you again." With two kids, I find it quite difficult to have much time for Tia's needs. I have dog guilt. Mostly because she's a really good dog. Even if we don't walk her as much as we used to, she mostly just deals with it by going to bed. Sure, she sheds too much and gets underfoot here and there. Sure, she begs for people food like the best of em, but that's the extent of her naughtiness. Okay, so she did eat the stem off Asher's pumpkin but I figured she owed us that one for skipping the walk too many times in a row. Good thing Ryan is so in love with Tia, she still gets plenty of attention. Miles is also a huge Tia fan. He could laugh his big belly laugh just looking at her. I used to be her biggest fan, but then with the two kids, I find I'm kinda over her, as my friend Emily would say. Now for all of you pet lovers out there, don't get me wrong. I know I would still treat her like a child if only I could. It's just that I don't have time anymore. Hence, dog guilt. So I write this today in honor of Tia. To tell her I'm sorry and ask her forgiveness. Just look at her. She means well. And she forgives quite easily too. So I'll try to let the dog guilt go.

Today after his nap, I went in to get Miles. He said "oh Hi Mommy, you're not at the doctor?" (Before his nap, I left to go to an appointment). I said "yes, I came home, thanks for asking." He then said "and how's Asher feeling?", as he touched Asher's little head. It was so sweet and genuine I almost cried. What an amazing little boy. He's not even two and a half and he has all this sensitivity for what's going on around him. We are so blessed! A forgiving dog and two sweet little boys. What more could we ask for?

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Sabrina said...

I like peeps too!! :)
I loved your blog today! My BFF Rachel has the same relationship with her dog! You are not alone!!!

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