So my parents are coming tonight and my mom suggested Ryan and I get out of the house for a bit. Well, Ryan doesn't know this. I'm so excited to surprise him with a date night because as sad as it is to admit, we don't EVER go out together alone. Okay, once for a wedding and once for our anniversary. Otherwise, if either of us goes out, we take turns so the other one can stay home with the kids. It's not that we don't trust anyone to watch our kids. It's that right now is a really difficult time to watch them. Asher needs certain things in a certain way or he cries. Miles is a busy guy. So it's A LOT to ask of someone to hold a screaming baby while trying to play with, help or chase an excitable Miles. Believe me, it's pretty tiring. But my mom has it down now - she knows how to stop the crying, so we get to go out!!! I'm going to take him to Dan in Real Life (Ryan LOVES the Office and Steve). It's going to feel so weird not to have Miles and Asher around, even for a few hours. But it's probably a good idea to pay attention to your husband every once and again. And he's a really good husband and father. He is SO hands-on with the kids. And he's the fun guy for Miles that's for sure. You should hear them laugh, it's a hoot. Ryan works a semi-flexible job (with time) so he spends lots of time helping me. It has been an absolute saving grace during these colicky months with Asher. Yes, Ryan travels for work quite often and that totally sucks, but when he's here, he's my right hand man and an excellent partner in life. He is so aware of what my needs are, always asking how he can help. To be honest, I'm not always the easiest wife to live with. I can get quite anxious and irritable with all this kid stuff in my brain. So my husband REALLY deserves some fun time with me, away from my insane, intense focus on everything toddler and infant. I can't wait to make him get in the car, having no idea what the heck is going on. He will LOVE it. He talks about movies a lot and it makes us both a bit sad sometimes that we can't just pick up and go anymore. But we remind each other often that it's only for a season. We'll be frequenting the cinema again before we know it. For now, we wait for these GLORIOUS visits from Mike and Linda when it feels like we just won the lottery!

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Kelly and Kyle Vlach said...

Have a grand evening! I'm seeing that movie tonight also so we will have to discuss the highlights over email next week! I heart steve carell!

Sabrina said...

I hope you had fun at your movie!

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