"Don't Panic, I'm Organic!"

This sticker came on a pair of socks - "Don't panic, I'm organic!" We thought it was funny to put it on Asher's head. Yup, I'm one of "those" moms, I guess. I do my best to buy organic for Miles and when Asher eats more than milk, I'll do the same for him. As I sit here, eating my Froot Loops, I'm thankful for the realization our country has had about organic foods and products. My generation grew up consuming more processed foods than ever before. Our parents had no idea how truly unhealthy this is and who could blame them? I am still addicted to many of these foods, hence the Froot Loops. It's sad to admit I'm not as concerned about what I put into my body as I am about my boys. Maybe I'll "get there" some day but for now I'm holding tight to some of my favorite things (crappy foods). I wish it were cheaper to eat well. It's one of my greatest wishes actually. I know there are ways to make it cheaper, like having your own garden, going to the farmer's market, becoming a member of a co-op, and shopping Trader Joe's. I've also noticed Rainbow has added a lot more organic (at least at the ones called Rainbow fresh).
I'm rambling about this today because it's something I want to learn more about. I have good informers in my life like Kate, Dave and Laura, and Carrie. But I hope to one day be a bit overly informed on dietary health and to be an example to my kids, not just purchasing organic healthy foods for them, but eating well myself. Ryan and I have a long way to go when it comes to self-discipline in this area. It's a bit overwhelming for us. I've just recently (in the last few years) been teaching myself to cook. Now I need to start making sure I'm cooking as healthy as possible, as often as possible. This is one of the main reasons I so desperately need to win the lottery. Can you imagine what fun it would be to grocery shop, buying whatever you wanted with an endless supply of money?
If I were a millionare I would have more fun than imaginable giving money away. But I would spend money on myself and my family in this one way. I would have fresh organic fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs, etc. on hand at all times and I would have a cook. A beautiful cook with a great sense of humor. A cooked named Sabrelly (wink wink). She would make me laugh while I sat and drank a glass of wine and watched her handi-work in my kitchen. We would talk about important stuff and solve a lot of the worlds problems while the tantalizing aromas filled the air. aaaahhh, to dream....
If you had a million dollars would you rather have a cook or a "housekeeper?" I love that question. Keep in mind that the housekeeper would also do laundry and dishes and possibly clean up dog poo/litterbox if that applies to your life....
P.S. Asher had his four month appointment today. We'll be going to see a Pediatric GI in the next few weeks to try to help him with all his digestive issues. The good news is that the boy is growing like a weed (74th percentile for height, 93rd for weight -it's the cheeks, and 98th for head circumfrance - Ryan says he'll be the smartest line-backer ever).

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Sabrina said...

PLease help me, I'm dying! SABRELLY!! I honestly for a moment thought you were talking about some famous chef I had never heard of! I called Kelly, laughing so hard... That totally made my day!!! I'll cook for you anytime!
Don't stress too much about the organic living. My mom is a naturopathic doctor\health nut and even she sometimes eats NON ORGANIC! Shocking, I know! It's good to be kind to your body, but it's perfectly ok to extend yourself some grace while eating Fruit Loops! :) (I like the new blog format!)

Sabrina said...

P.S. I'd take the cook. As much as I like to cook, I always like the taste of other people's cooking.

Kelly and Kyle Vlach said...

I'll have one housekeeper please, with a side of extra $ in the grocery budget! I'd rather cook than change the cat litter!
SABRELLY rocks! Maybe that should be the name of our restaurant?! You would be a perfect PR person! Hmm.....I see a H52 on the payroll!

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