Me Time

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. Ryan had told me to do whatever I wanted with the whole day. To say the least I needed to have some alone time to stop being a crazy person at home. I had plans to meet Kim in the morning for coffee to catch up and plans to have dinner at Kelly's (I'll get to that later) in the evening. Other than that, I had the whole day open. So I met Kim and it felt so good to see her and her round pregnant belly. We discussed everything baby and had tasty drinks. Borders has a gingerbread latte that I could drink all day long. It even has a cute little gingerbread man on the whipped cream. Yum... Anyway! After meeting with Kim I got in the car and had no idea what to do. It felt so weird to not have to hurry home to feed Asher or just to get back and be mom. I ended up going home anyway with the excuse that I should eat lunch there because it's free. I couldn't think of what to do next. I did leave again, but I hate to admit, I turned around and came home and spent the afternoon there until the dinner party. Call me crazy. Most moms would kick me for not just leaving and refreshing myself a bit. I don't completely understand why I couldn't. I don't think it's for all that unhealthy of a reason. Truth be told, I wanted to be with my family. I did feel refreshed after seeing Kim. I must just need a few hours here and there to myself.

On the way to Kelly's dinner party, Lana and I discussed how weird it feels to have that alone time when you're "on duty" so much of the time. (She has two kids -Noah, 3 and a half and Gracie, 1 and a half). She said, "it feels like you're not carrying your purse." So true.

Well, Lana and I sure are happy that we took time to get out last night and attend Kelly's dinner party. Neither of us can describe what a treat that was. Kelly has a way of making a person feel so spoiled and pampered and the whole while you feel like you're at your own home, you're that comfortable. It's so great. And the food, don't even get me started on the food! So lovely and gourmet and just simply the best tastin' stuff. There was a wonderful group of women there. It was so much fun to have some adult conversation and laugh with these women that have such beautiful personalities and stories to tell. I will be thinking about it for quite some time. There's always a lot of laughter when you're with Kelly and anyone who knows and loves her. She even surprised me with an "extra" to my place setting. Under my appetizer plate was my old Wilson Phillips CD. She has had it since we lived together about ten years ago. I'm so relieved, I've been searching everywhere, wondering how I'd "Hold On" for one more day.

So my special day out ended up being just perfect if you ask me. I got to have coffee with a friend and dinner with more friends and those are the things I love to do most. Other than being a mom who only enjoys "me time" in small doses.

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Sabrina said...

Well I'm glad you took a little "me time" to go to the dinner party! Wasn't everything wonderful? It was fun to chat with you and to meet Lana. Hope to see you again in the near future! :)

Kelly and Kyle Vlach said...

It was such treat to cook for you and Lana (it was wonderful to meet her! Thanks for coming and now showering me with kind words on your blog! It feels funny, but I am thankful you enjoyed yourself so much!! Have fun listening to your CD!

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