We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Our friend's Mackenzie and Caleb had their baby today!! I'm so excited to go see them in the morning, I can't stand it. Happy Birthday, little Ellorie! Baby girl Bjorklund was born at 4:30pm this afternoon and weighed 7lbs, 7oz. Kenz and Caleb have two little girls! I'm sure Olivia is super happy to have a girl! That's just what she wanted. I believe it is no coincidence that they have two girls and we have two boys....

Miles doesn't fully understand Christmas yet. I'm sure it's a strange concept in many respects. But he's still excited at the prospect of having Jesus cake and seeing his cousins. Ryan and I are more than excited to watch him this Christmas. He'll have such a good time. He's such a bright little boy, if I do say so myself. I think Asher may be on that path too. Both of our boys have always been hyper-aware, straight away, even as newborns. This leads to little sleep as infants. Miles didn't nap much no matter how hard I tried, not until he was a bit older. And Asher is even more of a non-sleeper. It's like they're just too busy, too focused and over-stimulated. Tonight Asher put up the good fight he always does about going to bed. He can figure out that it's about to happen and screams like the best of 'em. He knows that if we put his pacifier in, it will make him want to sleep, so he pushes it out with his tongue. It amazes me all the things babies know so quickly. They have so much to learn and they learn it so fast! I'm in awe of this baby thing. Now we have another baby to watch grow, tiny little Ellorie. What a beautiful name! I can't wait to hear about the moment when they heard what "kind" of baby it was, since they didn't find out at the ultrasound this time. What an amazing experience.
Another update: I posted a ditty about my friend, Tiffany awhile back. She was having premature labor issues at 25 weeks. She had her baby this week too! His name is Samuel and he was 4lbs, and something oz. She had him at 33 weeks. He's doing great, which is such a relief. The doctors really didn't expect that baby to stay in his mommy for as long as he did so Tiffany and her husband, Grady, are relieved and thankful. They've been through the preemie thing before so they are confident Samuel will be just fine.
Two new people to love! It's been a good week.
Since it'll be awhile until I have time to write, I want to remember to mention a few moments from our lives this week:
Miles says "I'm YK" instead of "I'm OK" Or if I say something like "can you come over here?" he'll say, "YK, mommy."
I find out pretty much daily what kinds of words he's learning and how big they are. This week the one that stands out in my mind is "neighborhood." He said "this is Kathy's neighborhood." Kathy is our neighbor and she's lived in Lauderdale almost her entire life (she's sixty). It IS Kathy's neighborhood!
The other night I was changing Miles' diaper and he said "Daddy put Asher's diaper on me and it was so funny I laughed." I wasn't sure if this was an imaginary story so I asked Ryan and sure enough, a few days earlier, Ryan grabbed the wrong diaper. They laughed about it together and Miles told me the story.
Tonight I was in the dining room and Miles was in the living room and he called out, "mooomy, come in here and sit on the couch and eat my foot!" What?
Asher is doing the baby "wave your arm up and down as fast as you can" thing. It's hilarious. Until he whacks himself in the face and can't figure out who hit him. He's also learned to spit and thinks it's super funny. Especially since he recently started eating cereal.
Oh the joys of Asher and Miles.

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Sabrina said...

And a Merry Christmas to you Heather and family!!
Ellorie, I love that name, how beautiful!!!

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