We've been busy little elves over here at the King residence. Nearly no time to blog! We had a hectic Sunday of church and family gathering. We went to Grandma Mary and Grandpa Ken's (Ryan's parents) to take some family photos for their Christmas card. I have included some of the hilarious attempts at capturing the perfect moment below:

All I can say about trying to get lots of people to look sane and pretty all at the same time is completely impossible and everyone should stop trying and just send out xmas cards with pics such as these on them. This is who we really are anyway. And we're cool and funny (:

Then yesterday we had friend, Braden over because his mommy and daddy needed a hand with him. He is a sweet little boy who adjusted quite well to this new place with new people in it. Isn't he cute?

My lovely friend, Kate helped out for the day cause I had my hands a little overfull with a five and ten month old and a two year old. We were busy. It made us think that we could have our own little school, and we started brainstorming about the possibilities. The organic food we'd grow and feed the tikes. The structure of learning and creativity. The way we would look at each other cross eyed as a cry for help and make each other feel better. Maybe someday we'll really do it. With like a one year commitment to see how it goes. We may love it. We both love those wee ones so much, I could see it being tons of fun.

After Katie and Braden left, Olivia and Mackenzie came by for a visit. My camera was out of batteries so I didn't get the photo I wanted to get, but Mackenzie sure is ready for baby #2 to get the heck out of her body. She was due on Friday so the clock is tickin'. I sure can't wait until the baby comes but I think Mackenzie is leaps and bounds ahead in anticipation. Who wouldn't be with all that bodily stretching going on... geez.

Then Ryan came home from work and I was off to have dinner with Heather Spears. We went to True Thai (LOVE it) and I had a pineapple dish that came in a pineapple. It was super tasty and way fun to look at. I wished again that my camera was working. I also would have loved a photo of Heather with her cell phone, showing me how she's been text messaging. Anyone who knows her will get a kick out of just the thought of that. Let's just say that she hasn't really been all that hip on the tech revolution.

Today Miles had school in the morning and Asher and I went Christmas shopping. We got home and a few minutes later there was a knock at the door and what to our wondering eyes did appear, but Sabrina and her cupcakes of cheer. She had told Miles she would bring him a treat and kept her word! It was a special treat for us just to see her. And the cupcakes are super tasty too. I have to say that she is so good at that baking thing! During nap time another surprise knocked at the door. Neighbor Tom with a GreenMill spinach and garlic deep dish pizza. WOW, we are so spoiled and I'm so thankful for all the super duper folks we know and love. The boys are up now so this post must end.

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Sabrina said...

Those cookie and cupcake fairies really do exist!! I'm a believer now! :)

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