When it's gloomy outside like this, the barometric pressure does something to me. So if it does something to me I'd have to guess it's doing even more to the small people in my home. We've been tired and cranky today. Maybe it's all that hustle and bustle too. We're worn out. Thankfully, we go to church on Wednesday mornings. Miles gets to play with his friends and I get to eat and drink coffee and visit with other moms while Asher smiles at everyone. Katie comes with us and it's one of my favorite things all week. Afterward, Katie comes over for lunch and helps me with the boys. The two of us can really talk. I love it. Not only is Wednesday my favorite day of the week, but talking with Katie is one of my favorite things in life.
Last night we had G'ma Mary and G'pa Ken over. When we heard them pull up, I said to Miles, "oh, what's that, who's here?" and he said "OH, it's Grama Mary and Joseph!!!" Love it. G'pa Ken made us dinner and G'ma Mary helped clean out our junk drawer! Too funny. Hey, it needed to be done!
Every day my holiday "to do" list gets longer and every day I procrastinate. Or I get distracted by laundry or dishes or diapers. I just saw on a friend's blog, "six days until Christmas" and I got a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. That stinks! I would much rather feel excited but I'm so behind! Maybe tonight I'll run errands after Ryan gets home from work. But I'm so tired....
I sometimes wish Christmas were more simple. In my mind, it should be simple. I love the Christmas celebration when it's here, so I'm not complaining. It just seems to be a lot of prep. work. Or maybe it's that I have less and less time for prep. work in general. It'll all pull together and I have a good husband who helps me get things done. You know what it is? I have all these ideas of things I'd love to do for people or things I'd love to get for people or make for people and I get all excited and then I get overwhelmed cause there's not enough time or money for me to pull any of it off. Huh. Sometimes blogging helps me figure out what the heck is buggin' me. (: In short, I need more time and money and that's no new problem to humankind. So buck up, huh?
Miles was coughing a lot the other night and I came in to put some vicks in his vaporizer. He woke up and looked at me and I said that it was just me, that I was putting "medicine" in his vaporizer. He said "moooom, put the medicine in my mouth." It was hilarious. It was the first time he said something all exasperated like he couldn't believe he knew something I didn't know. The first time of more than many I'm sure. What he doesn't know now is that I really don't know much. I just figure it out as I go along.

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Sabrina said...

Aren't those people who put countdown timers on their blogs annoying! Geesh, as if we don't need another reminder of how the days are slipping past us! Who is it? Tell me! I will send them an anon. letter of disgust! :)
Merry Christmas Heather!

Kelly and Kyle Vlach said...

i think the ticker should be for our upcoming girls night...or the winter solstice tomorrow!

Sabrina said...

Kelly is either on something or on to something!

The Kings of Lauderdale said...

Oh no, I love tickers, really, I do. This particular one happened to give me a much needed reminder that I'm running out of time. If not for this random ticker I came across I wouldn't have wrapped gifts today during nap-time. whew! Yes! Let's tick til the 27th

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