Makin' a List...Checkin' it Twice...

I wrapped a few gifts today. And I got my haircut. And I stopped and picked up a gift for our neighbor, Tom Mr. Nice Guy. That's what I got done today. So now all I need to do is:
make cookies (after I go get the ingredients so I have something to make), wrap the rest of the gifts (after I finish shopping so I have something to wrap), pack for our trip to Spicer (after I do laundry so I have something to pack), attend an extended family gathering.... STOP! STOP listing it, I say! STOP!
Okay I'm losing it. I just love to be organized and prompt and I just can't be anymore so I need to just stop making lists. Lists are overwhelming. But if I don't make the lists than I might forget something really important, (like my mother-in-laws gift) and that would be bad. So not writing lists can be overwhelming too. Something else that's overwhelming is piles of stuff around the house, and I can't make the piles stop piling. I keep piling things thinking that I'm organizing them to be cleaned up later, but I just keep making more piles. Ask Ryan sometime what happens to my brain when I'm behind on life and there are piles. He'll probably say something really funny when he gets done laughing.
Miles thinks we're having cake for Jesus' birthday. I think we should. Good tradition. I also LOVE the way Miles says Jesus. It's like when we used to play that game as kids where you'd have a ton of marshmallows in your mouth and try to talk. (Were Spicer people the only weird people who played that game?) Anyway, he says Jesus like he's on marshmallow overload. It's so cute. Just imagine being two and having to say something that has a J and TWO S's! So he puckers his lips and gets his tongue in the way-Geezuz. ugh, that guy is so easy to love.
Speaking of traditions (the Jesus cake), please share one of yours with me. I love Christmas tradition. A friend shared with me that she and her husband and kids have "sleep under the tree night" at their house. I love that. She said her kids look forward to that more than any other part of Christmas. They play games and eat and talk, and then they all fall asleep in sleeping bags with only the tree lights on. Good idea.
I think I'll go make a list of tradition ideas and then put the list on my pile of lists....

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Sabrina said...

When I was living in New Hampshire, the place I worked at, His Mansion Ministries (on my link list).. On Christmas eve we all had a cake for Jesus and sang happy birthday to him... we did this after we all got back from watching a live nativity scene in the 200 hundred year old barn, amongst live animals... it was breathtaking. Do the Happy Birthday Jesus cake! You won't regret it! :) smiles galore!

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