Today Kelly and Sabrina brought lunch over so it has been a really good day. Good food and good talks. I love the random topics the three of us came up with. From old game shows, to Nintendo, you just never know what sporadic information could be shared. These two girls made my day today, with their yummy food and big happy smiles. The best part was that I left Asher with them so I could go pick up Miles at school. It took about ten minutes and when we got back Asher was sitting with Sabrina, who was all smiles. Asher had a new outfit on. I left him with them just in time for a blow out. So they were left to find diapers and new clothes and change the mess. Just as I planned...ha ha haaaaaaaaaa..........

Sabrina brought Miles an octopus. It's one of those sticky ones that you can throw at the wall and it will "crawl" down. Miles wasn't too sure if he should touch it. Maybe a bit too life-like at first. After his nap though, the first thing he said was "I want my ocko*puts." He has been touching it a lot ever since, throwing it at various things and laughing as it falls down. Tia also thinks it's alive, so we will have to protect it from her monstrous jowls.
Thank you, Kelly and Sabrina! We love seeing you. I will leave you now with one of my favorite Juno quotes - "that's one doodle that can't be undid, home skillet." -store clerk, after Juno tries to shake the positive sign off the pregnancy test.

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k & k said...

sotre clerk=dwight=i miss him on thursday nights like mad=one scene with him was such a tease! :-)

Sabrina said...

Kelly gte's so exctieded she tyeps so fsat and it is fnuny to raed her coemnts!
I know you planned the diaper blow-out, I saw it in your eyes as you RAN out the door! You and your kids are wonderful! Good Times!

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