Schedule or Die

I love it when my calendar is full of activities. Each month, it slowly fills, week by week with things for the boys and I to do during the day. I cannot stand it when we are home, day after day without any real schedule. I guess for me, being a stay at home mom isn't literal. Or I would be crazier than I already am! If we don't have much to do, I find myself in my pj's at 3pm, staring blankly at piles of dishes and laundry, unsure of what I should do with myself. If I then try to "make up" an outing, I do what I did today when I headed to the grocery store because I'm in charge of treats for tomorrow's "Morning Blend," a mom's group I go to. I ended up buying heart candies (for me), a 99 cent box of gingerbread holiday cookies (for me), and some other random crap. Then I tried to focus on what to bring for tomorrow. I thought "yum, how 'bout I make a rhubarb or apple crisp?" (by "make" I mean, buy it and warm it up). So I went toward the frozen food section and while there I thought I should grab some cool whip since I don't feel like whipping cream either. So I put that in the cart and then somehow ended up in the bakery section, mulling over whether or not to get cookies or donuts. I decided on none of those, remembering I wanted to "make" something. The obvious next stop was to pick up some Redi-Whip. For what? I'm not sure, but I figured it could be squirted on to... what was I getting? Oh! crisps! Before I knew it I was hot on the trail of a boxed dessert. A cinnamon streusel muffin mix caught my eye so I threw that in the cart and went to check out. Thank God for the muffin mix or I would be serving old gingerbread cookies and Valentine heart candies covered in cool whip with a dollop of Redi-Whip to top it off. This, my friends, is what people are referring to when they say, "mommy brain."

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Sabrina said...

I like you "mommy brain".

MidnightCafe said...

Oh, this just cracks me up! I keep bringing the same thing every time I bring snacks because I can't manage to figure something else out. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm having fun looking around yours!

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