Hey, Four Eyes!

MY GLASSES ARRIVED TODAY!!! What kind of person gets overly excited about glasses? ME. It's something new and different, what can I say? Thanks to Tiff and Grady and their complimentary eye exam and glasses, my right eye is currently breathing a sigh of relief. Tiff said it was doing all the work. And leftie is currently wondering why everything is so clear.
I decided that once my glasses came it was time for a make-over. SO, I'm going to get a semi-drastic haircut and possibly color. AND I'm going to wear make-up. Who knows, maybe I'll even lose ten pounds and have a tan before we know it.... OR, my glasses will miraculously make me LOOK ten pounds lighter and bronzed! Ah, yes, it's the little things that make my day.
I called Lana the minute the UPS truck got here because we've both been so excited. She was so happy to hear the news. We keep making fun of ourselves for how we've been anticipating getting these glasses. I hope hers come today too because I think she could use a distraction. As we talked, her son had gotten the swiffer wet jet, was holding the sprayer button down and had the cleaning fluid spraying all over while he held it up in the air to keep it from his sister. Sister was therefore yelling "NOOO, NOOOOO, NOOOOOOO!!!" at the top of her lungs. Meanwhile, Lana was attempting to put their coats on so she could take them for a drive to stop the madness and attempt getting a coffee. Yup, she could use a pick-me-up!
Well, I would take a photo of me in my new glasses, but I'm not ready yet! It might be quite some time for that reveal to occur if I have to lose ten pounds first. That would call for exercise...
Miles, Asher and I ran into an ECFE friend at library story time this morning. Vincent got glasses this summer. He's Miles' age. Miles was pretty intrigued by that. Then we got home and glasses came in the mail for me, so now he wants some too. He said "Mommy, glasses are going to come in the mail for me too." Then I tried to explain that he doesn't need them cause he's got such good eyes. He still seemed to think it was cooler to have them. I'll pretend it is too.
So stay tuned, for however long, and I'll post a photo of the new eyes when the time is right.
oooooh, pins and needles, huh? Pins and needles...

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Sabrina said...

My dad calls people who DON'T where glasses 'Four eyes'... like the dog! he is a kookie guy!
I cant wait to see your makeover!!!

k & k said...

Um...did you have these when I was over? Why didn't I get the all access pass? :-)

The Kings of Lauderdale said...

um, they were on my face! I did take them off not long after you arrived though. You'll have to wait for the big haircut to see them again!

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