I need to make an addendum to my last post. I was thinking that I was a bit harsh-sounding about the non-thinkers. I was sort of rambling (shocking) and not articulating what I really meant about non-thinkers. So now I'm over-thinking what I thought about the non-thinkers! Just know that if you're a non-thinker, I realize that sometimes it's simply a blessing to NOT be so reflective and ridiculously contemplative. To just roll with life. I admire it.
Also, right after I wrote the last post, I got a call from Lana, saying she was about to drop by. I had spoken with her earlier in the day when I was uncontrollably laughing over how tired I was and how I had been answering the millionth "why" of the day. She can relate, and she said something about how she has a hard time if her husband is gone for a night, let alone all week. So then she said that I deserve a "marathon gift bag." I said "what's that?" and she said, "you know the gifts marathon runners are given after the race." So she came to the door with a bag of treats for me and the boys. How cool is that.
She included magazines for me, one of which was one of those hairstyle mags. She said that sometimes when you're feeling bad you just need to think about getting a great new haircut.
Then there was a knock on the door and the flower guy was here, handing me flowers from Carrie, who also made the mistake of calling me today. I couldn't believe it. It was this hilarious margarita arrangement and the card said, "have a drink on me." So maybe it's not a real drink, but it was better. It was a day-maker!

Somewhere in there I also talked to Katie and she had just seen Juno. We talked each other's ears off about all the things we loved about the movie, which was another pick-me-up since I LOVE Juno so much. It is so wizard.
All of this, and Uncle Kevin came to help out too. Miles was a much happier guy with his good friend, Kev around and it was a relief for me to have help.

We really do have the best people in our lives, so giving and thoughtful. We are blessed.

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Sabrina said...

If it makes you feel any better, I just got this book, 'Women who think too much', I kid you not! I am the NERD... I'd rather be the eggman or the walrus! coo coo ca choo.

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