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Last night I had the kind of night out that's rare and simply perfect. My friend Heather and I connected late in the day and decided to get together. She recently moved to the Lake Harriet area and I wanted to see her cute little place. She is in such a great location, right on the lake in a beautiful condo. Crazy sidenote: a childhood friend of ours is right next door. Heather hadn't seen her in about twenty years, and what do you know? They moved in right next to each other all these years later. I just think that is so cool. The three of us are going to get together soon and catch up on all that's happened since the seventh grade. That may take awhile.
Anyway, Heather had been with said friend to a nearby joint called Barbette and she loved it so much, she took me there last night. I have to say this is one of my new favorites! SUCH good food and a great atmosphere. We had a gnocchi dish that was SO good, like dessert for dinner. It was sweet potato gnocchi with pecans, cherries and parmesan and sage. WOW. Like little caramel rolls with a dinner flare. I can't even really desribe it, go try it! http://www.barbette.com/
The food was good, the sorroundings were cozy and bustling with great colors and people. Heather and I had a lots of good conversation and I came home refreshed. What a great night.

Today Miles had an appointment at the Dr. so he can move into a different classroom at school. He did such a good job, he's so laid back about that stuff. He said he wanted to look in my ears and the Dr. let him. She said, "what do you see in there?" and he answered, matter of fact-like, "WAX!!" Great.
Then we came home and picked up Asher and were off to the Eagle's Nest to get the wiggles out. We met friends Emily, Emma and Josiah and Emily's sister Rachel and her son Anders. The kids have a blast there. Emily was kind enough to keep Miles with her so I could get home with an over-tired Asher. It's always so good to see them, even if we never get to finish a whole conversation! Miles was totally fine with me leaving him with Em and family, he's so cool like that. He knows when he's in good hands. And he didn't want to be away from Emma and Josiah, no way!
We're going home to Spicer for the weekend. It's been since Christmas since we've been, I think. It'll be nice to spend some time with mom and dad and see some old friends. Heather said last night that she really thinks we should live there. She is a pastor now, so I suppose I might have to consider her counsel. She's right though, it can be a good thing, that small-town feel with lots of loved ones nearby. Hmmmm.... we'll see, I guess.
I have to go watch LOST on-line now, since I missed it last night. Both boys are sleeping, so I need to watch at least five minutes of it before someone wakes up!
My spell check is not working these days, don't know why, so I'm not sure how to spell gnocchi, if I'm wrong, please tell me the correct spelling, it's bothering me!

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Sabrina said...

Blogger spell checker is on strike!!!! First the writer's now the spell checkers!!! NO FAIR!

I love barbette and Gnocchi (anywhere) is delish! mmmm

k & k said...

my sister worked at barbette years ago! it is indeed delicious! have a "nicer" weekend!

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