Remember This....

Take a rest with me mommy!Ryan brought me "you're doing a good job"flowers:
making the kkkkkhhh sound:Carrie recently posted a comment with a quote I love,
"While you are trying to teach your children all about life, they teach you how to live."
Or something close to that, anyway. I love that.
I guess my lessons from Miles and Asher are pretty simple these days,
Rest whenever you can. If possible, with a loved one.
Smile a lot and make silly faces to make people feel good.
And then there's my thoughtful husband, taking the time to make me feel appreciated with flowers, a book, and some candy. What a guy. If not for him, I'd surely be in the mommy loony bin. My boys are pretty great, if I do say so myself!

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Sabrina said...

You got yourself a winner!!!!

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