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On Friday nights we have movie night. Every Friday, at some time during the day, Miles gets to take a trip to the "movie store" and pick out his own movie. He's really quite good at it, choosing movies that are appropriate for a small person and ones he hasn't seen but look good to him. Friday his choice was Monsters, Inc. He LOVED it.
Meanwhile, I made a dinner from Martha Stewart's "Everyday FOOD, Great Food Fast," for Ryan and I. Gotta LOVE this cookbook, by the way. The recipes truly are simple and not all weird and stuff. But anyway, we had a super tasty chicken thingy with a Dijon mustard creamy yumminess over the top, and asparagus. I absolutely love this recipe! I will for sure make it again. Ryan loves anything mustardy and was a big fan.

And then, on Saturday my parents, my sister, and her boys came. My college friend Emily took some photos of us at Como. The kids did really well overall. I will now steal a photo from Em's blog to share, just for kicks. I can't wait to see more! She is so talented, and it was a blessing to spend the morning with her. Here's the sneak peak photo of Asher:
And then, last night I got together with friends, Heather and Liz at a great little place called Sapor. I have SO been looking forward to this. In a previous post I mentioned that Heather moved to Lake Harriet and bumped into Liz, who's a good friend from Jr. High we hadn't see in FOREVER. Over dinner, I had to comment that it was so strangely wonderful to fall back into comfortable, easy conversation after all this time. It seemed like it should be awkward since she moved away in the eighth grade! But it wasn't. I'm not sure why that is, but I guess no matter when the connection of a loving friendship begins, it sticks! It felt so good to see her and re-connect after all this time.

Liz and Heather

It seems impossible that amongst all of this we also went to Target (twice), Ryan went to the auto show (twice), we had church, Kate and fam came over, Kate and I hung out for awhile, and Uncle Kevin came over, hung out and took Tia and Miles for a walk..... Geez! You sure can fit a lot into a couple of days. I love when life is full of time with people we love. I just LOVE it.

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Sabrina said...

It was a Jr. High fun frenzy time for both of us! :)

MidnightCafe said...

Sounds wonderfully busy & fun!! I love weekends like that!

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