Winking and Rolling

Miles is working on winking:

He'll get there!

Asher LOVES Tia. Tia is indifferent. Thankfully, Tia is a gentle giant.

Miles made up a little song when Asher was crying the other day:

"Asher don't cryyyyy, Cause I'm not bye byyyyeeeee."Cause I don't want to leave you here...Or heeeerrre." I couldn't believe that he made it rhyme. Kids really are amazing.

Asher now has four teeth. He pretty much got them all at the same time (yow). He also rolls around to get where he wants to go (which is usually to try to grab things he shouldn't have). Miles has learned how to act out the true tantrum (kicking, hitting and screaming included). I've heard that age three is like that no matter how you try to make it go away. We'll get through it. I'm not sure that I'll be sane when it's over, but what parent is?

We are trying to finish up our house. Since the addition we've left a lot of details (and some big things) undone and it's time to get our ducks in a row. It may take awhile. Since we meant to work on it all day today and this is what we accomplished:

I painted the pantry door. The end.

Ryan went to Menards and got supplies and started to plan out the drop ceiling for the basement. The end.

When there's a sleep deprived baby and tantrum toddler in the mix, it proves diffcult to get much done. But we'll plug away at it and one day we'll say "FINISHED!" and it will feel so good.

One more thing. Ryan and Miles had a conversation that went like this and I want to remember it forever: Miles - "I love you, daddy." Ryan - "I love you too, Miles." Miles - "We have a very special mommy." Ryan - (laughing) "Yes, we do have a very special mommy."

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