The "Awful" Truth; Part 2

True confessions of a mom who doesn't take care of herself:
Usually I completely forget to "get ready" in the morning. I feed and dress the boys (which also includes fighting with Miles about what to wear and whether or not there is butter on his waffles, while constantly throwing cheerios in Asher's direction to try to keep the beast at bay). Then as we are about to go out the door I run to the bathroom, take a peek in the mirror and gauge how much oil is gleaming from my hair. That's it. That's the extent of my morning beauty routine. If said hair is especially greasy I find a way to hide that. That's one good thing about winter; hats. Let's just say that if I brush my teeth, apply deodorant and remember to change out of my pj's, I feel good enough about myself to show my face to the world. Maybe it's sad, but I'm being honest here.

This morning I went to do the grease check and happened to glance down at my face. To my horror, I saw that TWO HOURS after waking, I still had sleep lines on my face! Whoa. I don't even know what to think about that. Besides, "wow, my face is as squishy as Asher's thighs."

Sometimes I miss taking care of myself. I do love that just out of the salon feeling. New haircut, fresh eyebrows, and the feeling that I'm actually still a bit okay under all that hair. Since we had our little cherubs, I get to the salon about every 4 to 6 months, or longer. At which time I feel guilty for spending the large sum of money it costs to have someone take a scissors and some wax to my head.

I've never really been all that high maintenance though. For instance, I have never had a manicure, as I choose to gnaw away at my nails with no regard for what they look like on a daily chewed-up basis. I know, gross. But I'm an overly anxious orally-fixated type who tries to pretend that this habit isn't that disgusting.

They say it's of utmost importance as a mom, to take care of yourself. I guess I haven't figured out how. I rarely get to drink coffee that hasn't gone cold while I tend to laundry, dishes, and the basic needs of my family. Every once and awhile I feel like I've caught up. I look around and see clean dishes and people and I'll think I can grab a bite to eat or go to the bathroom. But then I turn around and see that the poor dog is still staring at me, wishing she had water or will one day get a walk again.

Therefore, my priority list when it comes to "me time" starts with reading and blogging, and spending time with friends. And that is where the list ends. When I do get a moment to myself, those are the things I choose. Even if I look a bit disheveled and oily while hanging with friends or reading blogs and books.

If I had all the time and money in the world I would have a great cut and color and a golden tan. I would possibly even consider stopping the nail-biting if I took time to think about it much. And I would have a shower nanny; one hired just for me to have time to get clean and shiny on a more regular basis. But I don't. So for now when I get a chance, I will still opt for friends and words, rather than style and cleanliness.

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k & k said...

You can come to my house with greasy hair on Saturday. That's what I told you to bring , right? I hope so... :-)

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