Beautiful and Squishy

While I'm still working on getting things back to normal on the blog, I'm finding I too like the blue. It's like the sky. Or how I hope the sky will be most of the time this Spring. Although rain isn't terrible. Just ask Miles, "it goes in the dirt and makes the flowers grow." Point taken.
My mom is here for a visit and just cut Miles' hair. He thought that was not the best idea at first, but now that it's cut he says it's beautiful.
Asher had his nine month appointment on Thursday. He isn't quite as hefty as we assumed, falling in the 57th percentile for weight. He was 50 something for height too, and that noggin of his fell once again in the 99th! We also discussed pooping at length. It's so weird how normal it is to talk with such freedom about bodily waste. But hey, it's a concern. Our pediatrician says that part of his "slow to go" problem is that he isn't moving much yet. Most nine-monthers are crawling and such by now, but not our boy. I guess he has "low muscle tone." Nothing serious, just laziness! The Ash Man just prefers sitting and turning in circles or rolling. So his thighs and stomach don't have the best muscle tone. I actually thought this was pretty humorous, so I started laughing during the discussion at the appointment. I couldn't help it because she had me feeling Asher's thighs and stomach while she remarked on how his muscles were soft and squishy. Luckily, our pediatrician isn't too uptight. And I guess I'm not either. This is a vast improvement from my usual neurosis. In the past I would have ruminated on "low muscle tone," worrying that it might be a serious problem. But the second time mom in me is sure he'll be crawling in no time and I quite enjoy the sedentary, soft and squishy little guy we have now!

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Sabrina said...

Asher and I could be twins at this point! Squishy Squishy! :)

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