For Daddy; We Miss You!

Yesterday we spent time in the backyard with Uncle Kevin. Here are some photos from that adventure... Asher lasted
awhile in his stroller, hanging out and holding on to his feet. Miles had a CRAZY ride in the swing.
At a random moment, standing by the water table, Miles looked at Kevin and said, "I miss my daddy." I think he must miss you more than he is able to understand or articulate because he's acting like MONSTER Miles quite frequently. Here are some quotes:
"NO, I will not stop my body!!!"
"Mommy, you are hurting my feewings." (While in time out for cracking Asher on the head)
"I WILL NOT listen to your words!!!"
This defiant-finding-his-own-identity thing is getting tricky. The threats have become more serious - "If you don't start to listen, we can't go to the zoo." Then I suddenly realize that I will have to follow through and spend the afternoon at home and that would stink for everyone...
And at the same time he's becoming more and more his own little beautiful person so I guess it's worth it. He sang me a rock and roll song tonight. Here are the words:

"Shaaaark, you ate my moooomy..... shark. The end." (He actually sang "the end" by the way).
He is so great. All this frustration he's got is okay because he's so sensitive and generous at the same time. I can't wait to see what he loves most in life and how he decides to live it.

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Sabrina said...

I know this has nothing to do with the zoo or babies... I love that you have Third Eye Blind's song How's going to be, on your play list! I played that song over and over when it came out!

Heather said...

ME TOO!! And motorcycle drive by always reminds me of the mid nineties too. ahh, the good ol days...

kim mokosso said...

I love that you have to put a disclaimer on your blog that says..."One of these is a joke by the way!" Like everyone doesn't know that you LOVE Britney Spears and you are obsessed with her CRAZY self. You're not fooling anyone, Heather.

PS...Your boys are absolutely adorable!

Heather said...

okay, kimmy you asked for it! Let us both remember who had the BRITNEY POSTER in her bathroom not too many years ago!!!! uh huh, that would be a big fat YOU! I was the one standing there shaking my judgemental head!

kim mokosso said...

Just for the record...that was pre-Justin breakup and pre-psycho mom incidents. In case the world of bloggers was wondering...I will admit at one point in my life, I went to a Britney Spears concert. I have no regrets (even though the entire thing was lip sync'd)...I don't believe in regret. I will say, I was once a slave 4 you......opps I did it again!

Heather said...

I can no longer argue this because you said "Justin" So now all I can do is smile.

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