The Super-Noticers!

Ryan calls me "Colombo" pretty frequently because I notice everything. I even notice small unimportant things. Let me tell you, I sure can fill my brain with a whole lot of meaningless information. All it really does for me is send my brain into over-drive.
For example, I notice exactly how things are arranged on say... end tables. Then the next time I'm in the same place, I notice if something is missing or askew and I fight the urge to slightly move the item. I guess my nickname should be "Monk." It's not that I'm scrutinizing or judging these things, it just simply happens without me making an effort. It comes naturally to store these pictures in my mind. Now don't go thinking I have a photographic memory, cause that's not it. I don't really know what it is. I just take things in.
Another example: I know if Ryan had more than his share of ice cream because I remember exactly how much was in the container and where each spoon indent was located...hence his endearing nickname for me. Can't get much by a girl who notices even that. My poor boys are going to be miserable in their teen years. I'll be on hyper-alert and taking in every detail I'm sure!
I need to come up with a way to use this ability for good-Besides the good of Ryan's waist-line when I nag about ice cream helpings, or the sleuthing I may do (ACCIDENTALLY) in the teen years.
All of this to say, I've noticed that both of our boys are this way! Even at their young age, they don't miss a THING. I realize most kids are this way, but it's a bit over the top with these two. Miles has washed his hands in the same bathroom sink a thousand times, but he will still come up with a new little thing to notice, point out and ask about. Down to the tiniest little dot on the side of the sink. And then there's Asher, looking up at the ceiling when the sound of a plane is overhead. My little sleuths!
I've got it! We're the next "Incredibles!" I don't have stretchy arms, but I am fierce! And Miles calls himself "Dash" all the time. He could run around "saving the dave." And Asher could be Super Pointer, since he is really into pointing right now. He'd send us right to the action to do all our rescuing - "over there, Mom, I sense trouble..." (picture baby pointing). Then Miles would DASH in and take inventory of the situation calling out, "what is your problem?" -since that's what he says when he's pretending to be a superhero and asks you to "be in trouble." Ryan will be close behind and he'll step in and crack jokes, making everyone feel better. Then I'll run in and NOTICE everything, we'll rescue whoever's in harm's way. Then I'll be able to say who the suspects are just by glancing around the crime scene. AH HAH! A family calling. There you have it!

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MidnightCafe said...

Asher is the cutest little Super Pointer! Thanks for sharing him today!

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