Tiger Twain?

What a difference a year can make! We spent some time out in the backyard today. Or the "back ard," as Miles calls it. I couldn't believe how different Miles is from my memory of hanging out back there last time it was warm enough to do so. Last year Miles was just saying tiny little phrases. This year he's telling stories and expressing his feelings. He said things like "I'm glad we came outside." And "That was fun to swing." Then he golfed and golfed. We knew last year that he was pretty coordinated for his age. We put a club in his hands this year and were shocked at his ability! He had an adult right-handed club (he swings with his left) and he could still smack the ball! It was so much fun to watch.

Then we came in the house for dinner. Miles said, "tell me up a story, daddy." Ryan then suggested that Miles tell the story. I grabbed a notebook, because I just had a hunch I would want to record one of the first stories he ever told. It goes a little something like this...
"Zach and Max and Daddy and Miles went for a walk in the woods and a dinosaur tried to eat us. We went too far for the dinosaur. A happy kid came and tried to get us and we went in a puddle to play catch. The dinosaur came and there was a superhero. He got ate by the dinosaur. The end."
He's a realist.

Asher spent his time lounging in the swing for the first time, since last year he wasn't born. And then when he was, he was inside the house, screaming his lungs out. It's better this year.

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k & k said...

I was just at Golf Galaxy trying out a putter...I bet Miles could teach me a trick or two!

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