Note To Self

Lately Miles has been doing things like biting the wheels off toy cars. Boys are weird. I know it's totally normal, but I'm trying to teach him how to take care of his things and especially other people's things. So today when I saw he used something to puncture a hole in his new lunch box, I said I would have to take it away until he was ready to take good care of it. He was upset and said, while holding a random piece of paper;

"Mommy, this (paper) says that the lunch box is mine and I should be holding it. It says I will be taking gooood care of it. Cause it's mine. That's what this says." (Picture doe eyes, pursed lips and tilted little toddler head). I didn't give in, but I sure wanted to. The break from the lunch box will be awfully short. I think he's ready to take good care of it. The piece of paper said so.

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Sabrina said...

What a smarty! I used to chew the feet and noses of my barbie dolls. I think that is pretty normal. But boys are weird! Especially grown-up ones!!!

Ellen said...

You are strong, Heather! I would have caved for sure. What a cutie.

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