Answer Me This...

Why would companies that make bibs bring Velcro into my laundry? Did they sit around and say things like, "what mommy doesn't want a bib Velcroed to her favorite sweater?"

Why is the little scoopy thing in the formula (I know, formula=bad) but anyway, why is the scoopy thing all buried in the white powder when you first open it. Gone. At the bottom. Hiding... It's almost as maddening as opening a new can of coffee and having to dig your way to the caffeine.

Can't they make the wipes so that when you pull one out, you don't get four?

Why are any baby/children clothes made in white?

Why is it that all sippies claim they don't leak, but when you find one upside down in your two-year-old's bed, there's always a puddle under it?

Why doesn't playing on the floor with Lego's or trucks burn more calories?

Why don't they make play doh that tastes really, really bad?

Why do there have to be SO many matches in the game, "Memory?"

Couldn't they make a monitor that detects ONLY blood curdling screams?

When you take your kids out to eat, why don't the servers just automatically know you're in a hurry?
Okay, I'll stop. I'm really not trying to be negative... I just really want to know sometimes.
So let's make bibs with ONLY snaps. An attach-to-the-cover formula scooper. Easy break-apart wipes. A very sensitive monitor. Etc. Then we'll be filthy rich and saving the world. No problem.

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Brooke said...

LOL. heather, this is hilarious. i too have asked these same questions a million times.. hehe. you just made my day!!

Sabrina said...

WOAH... Love the new blog background! Kelly has started a cult following!

Heather said...

Holy cow, weird. I didn't even know about Kelly's. promise. I was copying heidi (hadleyesque). I'm such a follower...

k & k said...

for realz? ESPN!

1:38pm today...student free lifestyle began. sheer bliss.

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