A Business Plan

So I was wondering if the ten of you who read this blog could act like it's the coolest thing you've ever read and have ten of your friends start reading it? Maybe if you make it sound all awesome and totally addicting, they'll fall for it and become brainwashed enough to believe they can't go a day without reading it?

Just an idea.

Because then I wouldn't have to look for a job. I could be like the other bloggers I read and have ads on my site. So many people would visit that I would get paid mucho dinero. Because I'd really rather not get a job.

I like being home with the two most splendid little boys ever. I like not having to punch a clock, even if it means I work WAY too many hours. I like to watch Miles make up dances like "catch the spider," where he reaches up high and then grabs the air, throwing his hand to the side and yelling "throw it away." (It's a good dance). I like to watch Asher realize he can pick up his bowl of spaghetti, dump it on his head and then laugh at himself.

So yeah, help me out here. Pretend this is not just another mommy blog. Picture ads about shaving gel and weight-loss programs scrolling along-side my super meaningful prose. I guess people get paid for that.

If you'd prefer not to join me in this endeavor, please send me fifty bucks.

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Sabrina said...

This sounds kinda like a chain letter...
Advertisements are the new black.

joolee said...

Wow! I didn't know people got PAID for those things! Can you really make a bunch of money? For the record, I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. And as soon as I get around to it, I'll put a link on mine so that the 5 people who read it just might wander over to yours:)

Kimberly said...

I will so help you out with this. I've got about eighty readers right now (I still remember when I only had two!), and I've already put you on my blog roll.

So yes, just sit back and wait for the moolah to roll in, right?

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