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Sometimes people visit this blog accidentally. I know this because I have one of those site meters and it will say where visitors to this site are from and how they got here. The most random, mis-directed folks come from google search...and their search words are also included on site meter. I am so glad. What a kick!

One had searched google for information on 'squishy muscles.' I doubt that my post about Asher being slow to crawl did them much good, but maybe?

Another web researcher was looking for more information on 'communal nuts,' and was led to my post about how I'd love to live in a commune even if that's nuts...

Okay, one more. This is fun. Search words: photographing squishy muscles. What? That poor person was forced to read more about a baby that doesn't crawl...

I guess I should be more careful about using quotes, but I am really quite entertained by this. It makes me love those google guys all the more.

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Kimberly said...

Well I'm afraid I didn't find your blog through a funny google search, but rather through your comment at Ms. Adventures. Loved your comment, love your blogger profile blurb, love your blog! You're quite a delight, you know. Looking forward to reading more soonly.

Sabrina said...

I've checked that out before too. I think its funny that people are directed to my blog for random things they look up. Someone was trying to search about Time Travel something... and they were sent to my blog. weird.

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