Or Just Run

"When you like a friend you share chocolate with them." - Miles
*this would be way less cute if we were sitting and sharing chocolate with friends, but it came out of the blue, on his way to the bookshelf for a book. Just a little unprompted gem of wisdom from the boy who's as sweet as chocolate itself.

"Hey, mommy! LOOK!!! There's some boobers, just like yours!" - Miles
*We were walking through a store, passing the bra section. He was pointing at bras (of a variety I would never wear, mind you), and this statement was made quite loudly. I've never called a bra a "boober," but I guess I will now...

I'm so scared of what he's going to say about a person while they're in ear-shot.

Our sweet niece once totally humiliated her mom while in line at a store. There was a little person standing nearby and our niece started asking all kinds of three-year-old questions. Her mom was quietly answering until she yelled, "oh, mommy he's so cute! Can I hold him?" They left.

I really do love these stories of embarrassment. I'm sure the worst is yet to come for me. I should probably be prepared.

What should I do when one of my boys calls out a humiliating question or makes a ridiculous social blunder? Act like I can't hear him? Quietly whisper for him to start thinking about candy? Turn red and grin as if nothing happened?

I'm guessing I'll do what I do best. I'll say something meant to be reassuring, but it will come out all wrong, piling more frustration on the poor soul. Like, "he says that about weird stuff all the time!" Then I'll realize it came out wrong and I'll ramble on trying to make sense. Then I'll just give up and laugh like I've just made the funniest joke ever. Walking away, feeling weak in the knees, I'll wish I stayed home. Or maybe I'll just run, calling out over my shoulder that I've just realized we're late for....nap....or lunch....or story time, yeah story time.... Sounds like a plan.

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Kimberly said...

Hee hee! When I was three my mum tried to teach me not to make "personal comments." So I said super loudly at a local restaurant one day, "Mommy? Would it be a persenal comment to say that lady has a moustache?"


I think we just have roll with that sort of thing. Just smile and shrug as if we're not dying on the inside. =P

MidnightCafe said...

Boobers! I am rolling on the floor laughing!!

Sabrina said...

Boobers... My new favorite word!!!

emily said...

I'm feeling the same way right now! It's why we NEVER use the word fat. Boobers is so funny. So is that a Miles original?

The kids and I were flying home from Maryland a few months ago and were seated next to a businessman. Soon after taking off Emma says to me in a loud voice, "Mommy, the man is picking his nose." I didn't get a chance to respond before she then said, "You need a kleenex."

It was a long ride home!!!!

joolee said...

Boobers! I'm gonna have to start using that one too:) I was with my little angels at the Target food court awhile back when an African American man with a fro came and stood in line right next to our table. We don't live in a very diverse area so I should have expected the loud "Look at that guy's crazy hair Mommy!" that escaped my lil one's lips. AWKWARD!

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