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Ryan called on his way back from a work trip yesterday. He was gone Monday through Thursday. He often has to put on a lot of road miles, driving hours and hours to get to sites.

In typical Ryan fashion, he began the conversation with a joke,
"I'm calling from my life as an over-the-road trucker."

To which I responded, in my typical fashion (bratty),
"I hate to break it to you, but your job is not that glamorous."

Well, it really isn't. He measures buildings and counts their contents (i.e. when appraising a school, he counts a lot of computers. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.... it makes him feel quite brilliant.)

He doesn't necessarily love his job, I'll keep it at that. And since I'm so loving and supportive 100% of the time, I did some job searching for him today. It was so selfless of me. It had absolutely nothing to do with me losing my mind when he's gone every other week. Absolutely nothing.

Anyway, you get it. Our marriage ticks right along because of his great sense of humor and my selflessness.

I looked at jobs in my hometown, since we're semi-sort of-kind of-maybe-might be-possibly looking at moving there. Here are some things he could do according to the current job postings. Pick your favorite. Fun game:

1. Manage Dominos Pizza
2. Design dairy evaporators (no, we don't know what they are currently, but he's smart, he could learn!)
3. Over the road trucker (fortuitous? huh? c'mon, he just brought it up? fate? huh?)
4. Grain salesman

I'm not telling you my pick until I see yours, but I'll give you a hint. I'm thinking of the kids...

"What does your daddy do?"
"Oh! My daddy is a ______?" (smiling really, really big with lots of pride in their eyes.)

(Not that there is anything wrong with any of these jobs. They are jobs. People get paid to do them and all jobs matter. I heart America, so don't yell at me.)

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Kimberly said...

No contest. Go for the option that includes free pizza.

joolee said...

My degree in occupational therapy is unfortunately of no use to me in situations like this. I DO know that I loved telling my friends that my dad was a stripper......
as in lithograph something or other..... something in the printing industry.

You could always put those adorable boys to work at a lemonade stand. I'm a sucker for young entrepeneurs. (I cannot figure out the correct spelling for the life of me!)

k & k said...

The domino's pizza manager reminds me of a story. One night in college, my roomate and I (not you by the way, although the apt. was a mi. down your current street--yeah you know the one) decided we would call the WIllmar domino's (the number was still engrained) and ask if they had barquito pizza, a reular on the lunch menu in high school--it was like taco pizza. We knew they didn't have it yet somewhow we thoguht this would be fun? We asked the boy who answered the phone and he, in a very serious and helpful tone said, "No we don't, but I just saw the Schwann's man on 3rd street and I bet if you go over there now you could still find him and he could get you some!"
Ahhh....small towns.

heather said...

ahh, barquito pizza, what a snappy name. See? doesn't it just make you want to live there, what with all the helpful employees pointing you in the direction of the schwann's man? What could be better? :)

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