My Secret Lover

There's this little counter area in my kitchen. It keeps the world at my fingertips. This space holds the computer. When I cook, the computer is there. When I walk through the room on my way to doing important things, the computer is there. When I do dishes, the computer is there, right behind me, calling out to me, begging me for attention. He is quite the suitor, my computer.
"He?," you say.

Yes, if he's going to be a suitor in this post, he is a him. Obviously.

It's so flattering really, how much he enjoys my attention. And it goes both ways. I mean, it's nice to get so much validation and support from him, shining brightly as he tells me of the world, all he's seen, where he's been.

He especially likes the smell of my chili, the perfume of my kitchen, currently simmering on the stove-top just inches away. I know he does, he doesn't have to say so. He is just so kind.

Our courtship began about a year ago, he introduced himself through blogging. I think, but I'm not sure. How can you be sure when you are swept away like this, ignorant of the clocks ticking, absorbed in so much warmth and love.
He is patient, waiting hours on end for the children to be in bed. He knows that after all is quiet we will spend quality time together. And so he waits.

He has brought me so much joy, my computer. There are so many things to love about him on so many levels. He's full of brilliant ideas. He knows people with such wit and charisma, and he shares them with me. He is just that selfless and generous. We play games. We chat. We spy on other people's lives. We are in love. I am his and he is mine. We will never part.

Oh, the chili is calling, breaking me from my lover's arms. I must go feed Ryan and the small people...
Oh.... Ryan!?! Please don't tell Ryan! Let this be our little secret...

P.S. The computer? He can turn into a TV with the click of a button. Jekyll and Hyde, my friends. Jekyll and Hyde. No telling what I might see when he switches. No telling. But I'll take the abuse. Because this is love.

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Kimberly said...


Funniest post I've read all day!


And it's funny 'cause it's true. Oh yeah.

charrette said...

I got such a kick out of this. (And also a swift kick in the pants, reminding me there is a life beyond.) So true. This little machine fills so many voids in my life. The connections. The validations. The LOVE.

-- I think my hubby's getting a little jealous! :)

Elle said...

This is an awesome post, my friend. I love it!!

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