Photo Moments

Look! The Ash Man pulled himself up
and stood!
New trick! New trick!

These are my kids. They are exhausted
after much fun and play this 4th of July
at Nanny and Bapa's.
This is what they do when
they lose their minds...

And this is what Ryan does when he loses his mind.
He plays in a kiddie pool by himself
while his son opens birthday presents.

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Kimberly said...

The boys are adorable! And Neil would so do the same thing as Ryan there. Great big kids, those husbands of ours.

Sabrina said...

So how did PJ know that you were the sonshine queen? Did you comment on his blog? Im intrigued!

heather said...

yes, I commented that I could help with the post he does on festivals (cause he mentioned needing to devote another post to summer festivals, other than about their names)I have lots of good ammo for that post after 26 (27?) years of experience. Funny that he looked up Sonshine.

AND... did you read Matt today? I cried and couldn't stop, I just feel so awful for how HARD his loss is and will be...ugh.

Sabrina said...

oh man, i just read Matt's blog... and i am bawling my eyes out. The total pain of loss and realization of that loss. As soon as he wrote down how long they were together, 12 years, 58 days, thats when I lost it. Everytime i read his blog, i feel his pain, it it makes me realize just how fragile this life is. embrace the love.

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