Toss it and Move On

I was just cleaning up the house, moving the highchair back to it's position up against the wall between the desk and the bouncy seat. The leg of the highchair and the leg of the bouncy seat kept clashing together, making it hard to get the stupid chair in proper position.

That's when it hit me. We no longer have a need for the bouncy seat. Asher does not sit, strapped in, to anything (besides his car seat and then he cries the whole time). Because he's nearly one. Yet I kept the stupid, toe-stubbing bouncy seat right there in the middle of the dining room all this time, vacant. It became furniture. Or a decoration. Completely unnoticed except for the times when Miles, Ryan and I would cry out after our big toes met their fate (pretty much daily).

This little unimportant event got me thinking about how many things like that there are in a person's life. Things that we just get used to and ignore, even if they're consistently causing us pain. I do this a lot. One of my favorite things in life is having the moments when that something is recognized and thrown out. You know, the "ah ha" moments. "Oh!" I'll say to myself, "I just don't need that anymore, it serves me no purpose, I guess I'll toss it out and move on, with less pain."

So anyway, I threw the bouncy seat down the stairs. And I liked it. No more toe-stubbing on that silly thing. Purging is good.

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C said...

Boo-Hoo! Buh-bye Bouncy Seat!! :(

Let's playdate!! Callme/emailme/smokesignalme with a day/time that works for you.

Later Mom of Big Kids! :)
xo, crock

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather! Dawn(Macik)Schultz here. You probably see me (can you see it's me?) peek in on your blog daily to see if you've posted...I was directed to your blog site by Kimberly marking it as one of her favorite sites on her blog...which I also check daily and to my dismay find no new postings! Until today. So I thought in recognition of that I would let you know how much I enjoy reading your posts! Thank you! And by the way...you inspired me to get rid of the unused bouncy seat sitting in my basement...unused, collecting dust (although out of toe stubbing range)! Dawn

Kimberly said...

Oh my yes! Purge away!

I'm very sad because we're moving all the junk from our old garage into our new one tonight. I don't want it. Any of it. I've lived without it for three months and I don't see why it has to come here.

Sabrina said...

Just a random thought, but duh, i have the rest of July off... when can i come over?? We can sit out side while the boys nap and have a... a good chat! ah ha ha ha!

heather said...

S- YES, come over! I could really use a...good chat right about NOW.

C- sorry I threw your bouncy seat down the stairs. Not only do I owe you 20 bucks from like 2 years ago, but now this!

D- HI!!! So nice of you to comment. Kim posted today? It's a miracle, I'll have to go look. And NO, I can't see specifically who people are when they visit. Just usually the city, but a lot of the time even that says "unknown." I'm glad you visit though!

Anonymous said...

Heather...I hope I didn't get you too excited about Kim's post...you'll see :) Dawn

k & k said...

Purge fan? You speakah my languauge!

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