Oh What Fun

Such nice people over there at Five Minutes for Mom, boosting my mommy blogging ego. So maybe I'm not actually famous, but we can all pretend for a moment, right?

Update: I'm so honored. More "5 Minute" love came my way from Kelly, writer at Love Well and Five Minutes for Parenting. Kelly mentioned my post The Wall on this week's "You Moved Us." Thank you, Kelly!

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Kelly @ Love Well said...

Congratulations Heather! That's an honor, truly.

And FYI, I put you on the 5 Minutes for Parenting "You Moved Us" post that goes up tomorrow. It's a 5 Minutes extravaganza at EO!

Kimberly said...

Wow...that's a big deal! Congrats! Muchly deserved.

Kimberly said...

I just got all sniffly...you listed me as one of your favs! I'm off to bed now, but will email ya in the morning!

Sabrina said...

Wow! I got a shout-out too! Thanks! You are such a fab blogger!!

charrette said...

That was so cool! Congrats.
You deserve all this attention you're getting.
You're a strong writer and a good thinker and a genuine voice.

can I have your autograph?

kim m said...

That is soooo very cool, Heather. You truly are talented and I love reading this...thank you for giving me something to think about other than myself and my own. It is a great break from my day to day life. PS....THANK YOU, THANK YOU for listening to me the other night. I value your opinion so much and I take all your wisdom to heart....thanks again. Love you, KIM

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