Oh, Nothing

I cannot write a real post. I have tried several times today and found that poop or crying has taken over. Or visits from friends and family (love that) have distracted me. Ah, foiled again.
I sit down at the computer with ideas in mind and then....BOOM!....WAAAA!....or knock, knock....or ring ring ring.....or "PEW, what the H is that smell?"....

Now. I sit here perplexed, having no idea what kind of lovely ideas I've had for posts all day--and there have been a whole lot of WONDERFUL ideas mind you! Well, maybe not...
Now my mind is blank, distracted by the distant calls from the bedroom of "MOOOORE WAAAATER, MOMMY!!!!"

I guess when life gets a bit nutty I'm not too good at getting organized and focused. Well okay, FINE, I'm never really all that good at getting organized and focused, especially when life is nutty. I feel all out of sorts and distant. So for now, I got nothin'! I'll try to get back to normal. Right now I'm single-parenting with the husband out of town for work, trying to find a sitter so I can go to a funeral, and dealing with the usual stuff like people showing up at the door with bloody hands, needing to talk. Yes, that really happened today. No worries, we're all safe and so is the person at the door. Long story.

See? I need to get back to normal...

Thank you for reading nothing. And good night!

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Kimberly said...

Poop and crying are totally viable blog post topics. Just so you know.

Don't forget - blogging every day is not required! Sanity? Totally is.

Kelly - PTT said...

I'm enjoying your blog. Very funny. Love Kimberly's comment above - sanity is required. You'll appreciate my post about "balance" today.

Thanks for stopping by last week!

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