Sunday Suck Ups

I have wanted to give a whole lot of linky love a whole lot of times.

(Dad and um, Grandma, don't worry. Linky Love is not naughty. It's basically where I talk up another blogger and then link to their site...)

I currently share the linky love sparingly. I say things like, "so and so gave me this great idea on such and such a blog," but I have never actually devoted a post to giving shout-outs to fellow bloggers. I maybe haven't devoted posts to passing on links because I fear that my opinion maybe isn't all that influential and I'm not too sure that I'll bring anyone too many new readers. (I mean I don't even know who most of my readers are, which can drive someone a bit batty, but not many people comment, but it's not like I'm asking for people to delurk, cause whatever, I'm not that curious about all those different locations on my site meter at all, I mean it doesn't really matter so don't feel like you have to comment if you never have before, I didn't ask for that cause I'm cool with just not knowing. Even if I am the most curious person on the planet, you really don't have to comment if you never have before. But you can if you want. Just sayin'.)

But then I said, "who cares!" The best part of this will be when someone realizes I've said something nice about their blog. Then they'll feel all gooey inside and smile at their computer--I will be a day brightener!

THEN, I wondered:
"There are so many great blogs, how will I choose? I have an extensive blogroll and even more in my reader...And there are kind of two types, both deserving of linky love. There are the really quite well-known bloggers with lots and lots of comments and traffic. Then there are others, that are great too, but maybe less known. I love both kinds. How will I decide which kind?"

What did I come up with? In true can't-make-a-decision-to-save-my-life-Heather-form, I've chosen all of the above.

So today marks the first day of my very own self-(and husband) titled, Sunday Suck Ups.
Because of the big decision I grappled with for hours above, there will be two. Every Sunday.

Ready? I will suck up to you now. Every Sunday. Forever. Random people. As many of you as I can. Until this blog ceases to exist. Ahhh, the linky love....
Here are the very first people I am sucking up to:

orange ya glad I didn't say jell-o?
This is the best blog to go to if you need healthy recipes, sprinkled with humor and great kitchen advice. Kelly is a real-life friend. I am blessed. She is a talent in the kitchen and a lovely person to boot. Go check her out, you won't be sorry! She will make you smile while she cooks up some rad recipes; some of her own making, and some she and husband, Kyle have taken the time to try, enjoy, and then pass on to you! Kelly rocks the food blog party. I think you might just agree!

I think this world is perfect
A Daddy Blogger. Why yes, as well he should be. In his own words: "one man's attempt to keep track, and make sense, of the ups-and-downs and side-to-sides of parenting in the 21st century." Such witty, poignant, and well-written stuff here. Peruse around and find yourself laughing (or crying) at the short-and-sweet posts, and then move on to the longer, well-worth-the-read posts. This blogger has quite a talent for writing, but the best part of reading this blog is how you can just feel his love for his family, jumping right through your computer.

So now click on one or the other, or both! Make me smile when I look at at Site Meter's "out clicks" and find that you've been heeding my advice. Make me believe that "Sunday Suck Ups" are the new black.

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MoziEsmé said...

I love the title of your post!

joolee said...

What a great idea for a teaser. What blogger wouldn't come back (at least every Sunday) to see if they've been featured on your Sunday Suck Up. Maybe you could come up with one of those cute lil virtual awards for the winners to display in their trophy cabinets?

Can you recommend a blog that features delicious non-healthy food? I don't do healthy.

heather of the EO said...

huh. I never even thought of the teaser thing. I really didn't! I'm a little slow. I'm so excited to feature people though and plan to pretty much do it with all the blogs I read currently. So I can't add anymore blogs to what I currently read, or it would take me ten years to share the "linky love."
I would do the award thing. Except I have no clue how :)

Sabrina said...

Oh don't I know that Orange you glad, should get the lovin'. Just had K&K over for dinner tonight and Kelly made a dessert called "CHicken Dinner"... this is foreshadowing BTW to what will soon appear on her blog.
My cousin Vlachs my face off!!!!

K and/or K said...

Thanks H52!!! You gave me virtual warm fuzzies. I am happy to receive praise from you, not because you are a real-life friend, but a also a total blog wizard!

heather of the EO said...

JUST what I was going for; "virtual warm fuzzies"
Mission Accomplished.
I checked out the "chicken dinner" and it sure looks like the most fun chicken dinner a person could ever try!

Kimberly said...

Loooove the title! And what a brilliant idea! I used to do a Sunday Spotlight, but I got lazy. =P

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