But I hardly have any quirks...

Whenever I see blog posts about being "tagged," I picture an actual real-life game of tag. You know, with grown women and men rushing around trying to touch each other, switching whose turn it is to chase and whose it is to flee. That's an entertaining daydream.

Yes, you guessed it. I've been tagged. By Whitney over at Baby Tunnel Exodus. This sweet lady revealed 7 quirks about herself and then tagged myself and a few others to do the same.
1. I had an eye twitch for about seven years. It started my last year in college during finals week, directly below my left eye. It pulsed in and out almost constantly for those seven years. I got so used to it I couldn't even feel it anymore. Then someone would be talking to me and they would point at it and say something like "your eye is doing something." And I would say, "I know, I have a chronic fasiculation." (Because that's what the Dr. called it.)

2. I have a very fat tongue. Seriously. It's annoying because I have to move it out of the way for my teeth to actually be able to come together. So basically, I hardly ever really shut my mouth (ha). If I eat cinnamon, my tongue gets even fatter.

3. I have really involved and interesting daydreams. I'm usually pretty amazing in these daydreams. They are a little confidence boost in my day. Sometimes I'm being interviewed on Oprah with my friend, Lana. We are such amazing women in this daydream, that I don't even know which thing we're being interviewed for. Is it because we've solved all the problems in the whole entire world? Is it because we've written such great books on solving all the problems in the world? Is it because there's a movie being made about our efforts to fight poverty and crime? You just never know. But the interviews are riveting.

4. My husband and I have a major problem with not being able to make sense when we talk. Especially if we're trying to be witty. Here are some examples.
"It's not brain rocketry."
"I have to clear the cotton webs from my mind."
"You like other people's expense jokes."

5. I completely shut down if I have to do math of any kind. Or if there's too much clutter around the house. I just stand and stare at it like a zombie. (Those two came from Ryan. He's very supportive in pointing out my quirks.)

6. I'm a backseat driver of the quirky variety because I cannot be calm when I'm not driving. I watch for danger constantly and practically grab the wheel every few seconds or so. I point out obvious things to make sure the driver is aware. Like stop signs, even if the driver is slowing down. Do you see that? Oh okay, just checking.

7. I realize most of you know this, but my final quirk just has to be that I only grow hair in one armpit. It's nothing new. Hair just never grew in the leftie. Quirky? I think, yes.

Now picture me chasing the following bloggers. I will tag them. Because I'm fast.
Becky at On top of the world (or at least really far north)
Sabrina at Superfluous
Abra at Life at home

I chose these ladies because I have a feeling they've got some interesting quirks. No offense, ladies. Quirky is GOOD. So TAG, you're it! Now go tell us all about your quirky weirdness.

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Jillene said...

That was funny! I love that your leftie dosen't grow hair! I would LOVE to have that quirk....less shaving and smooth as a baby's butt....what't not to love?

Lisa said...

No, you haven't a quirk to speak of, Heather! This was funny. I love your quotes from the witty pair of you.

And I could not have lived with a twitch for that long. I go nuts when I have one for 3 minutes. And I probably wouldn't have been able to talk to you face to face either. I'd be like "Meet for lunch? Nah, let's make our own sandwiches at our own houses and talk over the phone while we eat them!"

Thanks for the tag. It's a bit like standing right next to me and saying "Oh, by the way I was it and (touch) now YOU'RE it!" When I thought we were just having a pleasant conversation. I'll be racking my brains for quirks...

Sabrina said...

What!!??? Me? ODD? :)
thanks for the tag.

LazyCrazyMama said...

LOL :)
I had an eye twitch that started in college too! Crazy! And it drove me nuts!!

Melanie J said...

Yeah....um, how did you not lose your mind after having an eye twitch that long? I get one every now and then but usually it goes away if I eat a banana. Seven years? The last pieces of my sanity would just dribble away, a little bit with every twitch. I have an even deeper respect for you now because you're obviously Superhuman.

K and/or K said...

warning: you do not want to be a pasenger in my car. consider yourself warned! :-)

now sabrina tagged me so i will wander my house aimlessly all day thinking about my quirks. shouldbe a productive day!

JustRandi said...

Jeesh. Remind me to just let YOU drive. Quirky back seat drivers annoy the heck out of me.

JustRandi said...

And can I just say that every single time I comment, I laugh out loud at the
"Talk to me goose"
line on your comment box.

joolee said...

What a fun tag! Thanks. I was really struggling for a post idea:) Funny, MY husband was also very supportive in pointing out my quirks....one of which was also back seat driving. I look at it this way....would I rather have my husband slightly irritated with me for pointing out that guy on the bike? OR would I rather have him hit the guy on the bike, killing him instantly. I choose LIFE!

Kristina P. said...

You are the second blog I have read in the past few days where the blogger talked about their ginormous tongue! Weird!

*MARY* said...

I'm a back seat driver too, sometimes my husband will just pull the car over and say "YOU DRIVE!"

Eowyn said...

I'm so stinkin glad that you didn't tag me, because there's no way I could match that list! That was awesome!

Abra said...

Fun game Heather! You are way too funny! It was hard trying to think of quirky things. It's like when someone asks if you know a good joke. You do, but of course you can't remember it right at the time...
We were sitting at Boston Pizza tonight and I was like oh! Hey! another quirk here, another quirk there... here a quirk, there a quirk...

Anonymous said...

Our husband's think they're soooo funny. Cause this was about OUR quirks, see. LOL.

Seriously, 7 years? My eye is twitching just thinking about it. And I too am a total backseat driver. Which I realized annoyed the people who were driving so now I just grab the door handle and suck in air instead of hollaring at them. Which, I think, is so much more subtle, don't you agree?

ha Ha HA. What a quirkly lot are we. Blessings, Whitney

Kimberly said...

We have some quirks in common. Hee hee.

Peanut said...

Ha ha!! You may be just a teeny bit quirky! I get the eye twitch sometimes too, usually when I'm extra tired (3 hours sleep instead of five, I guess).

And your daydreams sound way better than mine, which are always the same: I preplay my visits with my husband's sisters, complete with their judgements and criticisms (none of which usually happen in real life) and I rehearse my well thought out comebacks... I'm not entirely sure about why I'm so defensive, but I like that in my daydreams, I'm articulate and factual instead of tripping over my tongue like I usually do when I'm around all my SILs!

My biggest quirk though: my tailbone has been living in a jar on my shelf for 9 years.

I'm still jealous of your hairless armpit!

Debbie said...

An excellent, informative list. I was tagged by Whitney too and wanted to pop over and check out the other folk's weirdnesses.

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