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*yes, the sheer amount of linking in this post could totally drive you over the edge. But don't let it. Just take a deep breath and sit back, relax your shoulders, and enjoy some really great stuff that I've linked you to right here in this post. Or enjoy at least one of them. Don't be like me and get all freaked out and click away. If you do that, I just spent half the day preparing this for you for no reason. I think that you'll find some really good stuff here. Or I wouldn't have spent so many hours preparing this for you. Enough guilt yet? Click on just one. Really. Or I might cry later. Um...thanks!

The post finally begins:
Sometimes I just sit here, the blank page in front of me and I can't figure how to say things. I confess I have the most jumbly mind ever, EVER, EVER. I'm sure of it. Don't try to compete with me. You can't. I win the scatter-brain award, hands-down. But more on awards later.

See? I'm already distracted because Martha Stewart is on TV talking about blogs. She is rattling off a bunch of statistics and my brain just shut down because she's mentioning numbers. And because I rarely watch TV anymore so now I'm overstimulated by it.

Anyway, where was I? Oh! Martha and the numbers, yeah. She said there are over 120 million blogs now. WOW. And her blog gets 12,000 hits a day. I feel sorry for her because I get WAY more hits than THAT. Or maybe that's not me. But I do imagine that CJane, Angie and Matt are totally kicking Martha's butt.

Anywho. Um, what was I talking about? Oh! I really was going to talk about blogging.

I have this little book where I write down favorite quotes, scriptures, and the like. Wise and funny things I've heard or seen somewhere. Sometimes I even write stuff in there from blogs. Because there are a lot of wise and funny people out there and I love that I've found their blogs. Here's some good stuff I've come across just recently:

(a quote from a mom, after observing her little boy doing something super sweet),

"In the back of the Primary room, I cheered inwardly. I'm a successful mother, I thought. I'm doing something right. My husband later corrected me. It wasn't so much that we were fantastic parents as that we were simply allowing our son to be a fantastic kid. Because he is." -Becky at On top of the world (or at least really far north).

"I just think maybe the human spirit was made to tackle bigger problems than explosive diarrhea." -Heidi of Hadleyesque. (I'm pretty sure I've mentioned Hadleyesque about 15 times by now. But I can't help it. Awesomeness.)

Now I'm changing the subject.

I have received a few bloggy awards, which makes me totally pretend that I'm like Martha and have 12,000 hits a day. So I will stand at the podium now in my evening gown and thank the givers and then pass on the linky love, or what has become known as blog bling. (I'm so glad I don't actually have to wear an evening gown, cause I haven't showered in two days. My greasy hair wouldn't really go with the look.)

Some time ago, I talked about the "I heart your blog" award. Well, um. I was very blog-naughty. When I received it two more times, all I did was thank the givers in the sidebar, right over there. I'll just say that I'm lazy. I cannot follow rules all that well, but I try. Sometimes life just interrupts my good intentions. So I understand if no one ever awards me anything ever again. Cause I stink at the rules.

But even though I stink at follow-through, a new blogfriend was kind enough to give me an award today. Thank you tonggumomma of Our Little Tongginator for this Smile Award (which was created by the very impressive junior in high school blogger, Mere).

I will now pass it on to bloggers that make me smile! Pretty smart of me, huh?
Waiting for a little Vlachster - adoption and life in the meantime by an inspiring couple K and/or K They're good peeps.
The Happy Geek - See? Happy is right in the title! Smiles abound over there in geekville. Good blog!
Write Stuff - by Melanie J. Such a smile-maker that lady! Hilarious and wise.
Away from it all - by Lisa. I think I do sit and smile through every post.
The Antics of the Three 22nds - is it too nerdy to call this mom delightful? Too bad. She is. In the make-you-laugh kind of way.

(Now all of you that have been awarded can check out what to do here, since I'm not so good with the rules, you'll find a good explanation there.)

Well, whew! Thank you for your lovely attention. It makes me smile just picturing you clicking around to discover these great bloggers. Because I'm nice. Most of the time.

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Lisa said...

Oh Heather, I'm blushing! You are too kind. Thanks so much!

My daughter thought it was so awesome that you commented on her blog. Especially when I told her how famous you are. :) Thanks for THAT, too. You're double nice, lady!

JustRandi said...

SO fun! And I love that quote from the back of the Primary room. It's a different way to think about things, and SO true!

K and/or K said...

well I am going to break "your rules" and thank you! :-) glad i can make you smile! you're not too bad at that yourself!

The Three 22nds said...

Thanks for the link! It was really sweet...now I'd better go make sure I have something decent on mine...oh, it is your parody. That will work :)

Adam and Kristina said...

Heather, I saw your comment on Sue's blog, and I wanted to thank you for validating me.

And I've never received a blog award. I'm sure even William Hung has received one, and he probably doesn't even have a blog.

Off to hang my head in shame.

joolee said...

What!? There are rules for accepting blog awards!?? And Martha Stewart is still on T.V.!!??? You are so generous with the linky love. I like that about you:)

Melanie J said...

Aw, shucks. Thank you! I'm glad I had something mildly amusing on my blog today instead of like, a lesson learned when my puppy died or something. (Never happened. He just went for a long trip when I was about nine and never came back. Probably he's still just wandering the world, exploring exotic ports and all that. Right?)

Adam and Kristina said...

Heather, no email? Will you email me using my profile, and email me the links to your posts? I would love to review them! Are you OK with doing the same?

And thanks for the compliment. Your blog is humorous, warm, and honest. I like it!

Yay for cyber-BFFs!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

My journal is also populated with quotes I gleaned during my daily blog stroll. There are just so many great writers out there, aren't there? That's just one thing I've learned from the blog world.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oohh! I adore The Happy Geek. I look forward to clicking around elsewhere.

Becky said...

I clicked on the rules link because I'm clueless about blog etiquette, but couldn't get the page to come up. ??? Thanks, though! I'm glad I'm improving the world one smile at a time. :)

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happygeek said...

Thank-you Ma'am.
The feeling is mutual!!!

Kimberly said...

But I can't handle any more fabulous blogs!!

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