If you don't mind me asking

Let's see if you smarty pants people can answer a few questions for me.

There are many things about blogging that are questions we should not ask. Like, how many blogs are too many to be reading per day? Or, do you have to read all the comments before you make a comment to make sure you aren't repeating anyone? Do you ever comment out of obligation? Are you getting carpal tunnel? Is your chair, or how your sitting all sprawled out on your bed ergonomically correct? Would people keep blogging and love it if there were never any comments ever?

Stuff like that. Things everyone has a different opinion on. I mean, some people don't think I'm getting carpal tunnel and some do.

Those are good questions, but I have some others. Maybe you could help?
Part One: The technical question:
Do you subscribe to blogs with a reader or by email? If you do, and you just happen to subscribe to this one (not that you have to, of course. I mean, I don't), in which way do you subscribe? (you may be thinking, hey lady! look it up. But I can't. I've tried and the thing is all messed up and I can't remember my password and they don't have my email at AddThis so my subscriber information is lost to me and yes, I'm curious, okay? Oh. But I can still see email subscriber info. because I actually wrote down that password and such, but if people subscribe by a reader, I have no clue.)

Part Two: Philosophical (or just nosey) Blogging questions:

I think there's a part of every blogger that loves knowing that there are people reading their words. Because most people who choose to blog love to write. It can be pretty tricky to keep that in perspective and write for yourself and your family, from your heart, exactly the way that you would if not a soul was visiting your site.

But I don't think you have to write like there's not a soul reading it either. It's a tricky balance.

Is it just me? Do you think about the readers, or are you able to just kind of forget about them? Are you consistently thinking of both the readers and what you really truly want to say, or just the readers? Are you able to completely forget that there are people reading and just do exactly what you would do if there were no readers? Or is that impossible?
Let's see if you can answer ALL the questions in this post. There are only like 16 questions. Now get to work! (Actually, I didn't mean to ask 16, that's a bit over the top, don't you think? Wait. Shoot. I just asked ANOTHER one! Just answer whatever you want.)

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Alright, I read blogs when I can and it might be from someone's comment, my bloglines, or a link someone posts on twitter. It varies daily by how much time I have.

I never read comments before commenting unless it's really controversial or I'm interested in what other commenters might say. But usually I just leave my comment and move on!

I sometimes comment just so they know I've been by. Often I am reading from my iPhone and it's difficult to comment so I might go a few days without commenting on a blog but that doesn't mean I didn't stop by!

I don't think I'm getting carpal tunnel but sometimes my neck does hurt from improper posture. I do have an ergonomic chair, tho!

I think it would be disappointing to never have readers or commenters on my blog, but I do try to write for ME and focus on that- tailoring my thoughts to what I want to have on record and not elaborating to make it what I think people want to read.

I subscribe to most blogs via Bloglines. (As I do yours.)

I do think about my readers all the time but at the same time I feel like my readers read me because I am who I am, so if I change myself to be who I think they want me to be, then I won't be myself anymore. And wasn't it because I was ME in the first place that they started reading?

If that makes sense. I think you're asking questions we all think about- it's not over the top at all.

Did I answer them all?! : )


Not the Norm said...

I read WAY too many blogs a day but it's healthy reading right? I don't really read others comments unless there is only a few. I don't subscribe to blogs I just add those I like to my blog and login to see who's updated. Is that not correct? I think about my audience (yup all 2 of them) but mostly say what I want. It's more fun that way. Who wants to have to edit themselves? Let loose!

K and/or K said...

I don't think of my readers too much because I don't really know who they all are, assuming I have more lurkers than commenters. Comment people!
Where I hold back in my writing is keeping it clean. It's so hard. To keep it clean. But I know my mom reads it and all, so for now its pretty sqeaky. I also don't proclaim that I want to live in a socialist society really badly. That would have the out laws on my case for eternity. So I try to stay relatively contriversy free.
And I don't get too personal because that is how I am in person, guarded and slow to reveal. It makes sense my blog would be the same I guess. Good questions heather...I think there were 52. Wink wink.

Kristina P. said...

I subscribe in Google. I don't really get the whole blog following thing.

I have 250 blogs/sites on my Reader. No joke. It can be overwhelming. I really try to comment on every post, because I know as a blogger, I like comments and other people do to.

One of the secrets in my secret post was that I am pretty much the only person who comments on her blog, and she blogs for me. Talk about pressure! But that's why I comment. Sometimes I do comment out of obligation, and I've started getting better at that.

In regards to posting, I do both. I agree with with previous commenter. I always keep my readers in mind, but I post things I also want to post. I know some people say their blog is their journal, but mine is not. I think of a journal as something private where, not something public you share to the world. But that's just my opinion.

I'm also a big believer in blog etiquette. I do think that if someone comments on your blog a lot, you should return the favor, at least occasionally. I have started weeding people off my Reader, who NEVER comment on mine. Petty? Maybe, but I don't have the energy to devote to a one sided blog relationship.

the MomBabe said...

I use Google Reader. and I only comment when I WANT to. I used to try and be everywhere all the time, and I got burnt out. So now, I blog for ME, MYSELF, and I. And if people read it awesome, if not, well, they suck.

So I guess I'm about 90% for me, 10% for everyone else.

Because it honestly is the only thing in my life that is JUST MINE.

the MomBabe said...

and I'm subscribed to 124 blogs at the moment. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I subscribe and unsubscribe all the time.

That Girl in Brazil said...

Here ya go, duckie.

1. You know you're reading too many blogs when you're ignorning your children to do so. That's why I restrict blogging to naptime only.
2. I sometimes cruise the comments, but mostly for cool usernames so I can add one more lurk. ;o)
3. I never comment out of obligation.
4. I don't have carpal tunnel. I don't think. Wait, lemme check ...
5. I sit in my chair with my left leg tucked under me and my right leg draped over the armrest, my spine in a weird S-shape. Is that correct?
6. Some people would keep blogging without comments... but most wouldn't.
7. Yes, I will help you.
8. I follow/subscribe to blogs through blogger.com
9. Including yours.
10. Okay.
11. It's not just you -
12. I think about the readers, but try to forget them.
13. I think about both - but mostly when it comes to grammar and spelling. The content is pretty much just free-flowing.
14. I can't completely forget the readers, but I hope I do a good job of trying to.
15. No, it's impossible to completely forget them.
16. It IS over the top to ask 16 questions, but MORE over the top to answer them.

How'd I do?

Heather of the EO said...

I love what Steph said here -"I do try to write for ME and focus on that- tailoring my thoughts to what I want to have on record and not elaborating to make it what I think people want to read."

and MomBabe, "So I guess I'm about 90% for me, 10% for everyone else.

Because it honestly is the only thing in my life that is JUST MINE."

Amen sisters.

Not the Norm - No! It's not wrong to do it that way. I used to do it that way too. I haven't had a google reader for long at all. I didn't even know what it was. :)

That girl in brazil - I absolutely love that you answered each question you silly goose.

And yeah people, COMMENT on K and/or K - they're the best!

Kristina really is a blog JUNKIE, isn't she? Sheesh, 250! I'm kidding of course. Cause I'm a junkie too.

Kimberly said...

I use bloglines pretty religiously. Although they messed me over last week so I'm considering google reader (which I peeked at before and didn't like as much).

I use statcounter to track my visitors. It's the best stat system I've found yet. I can see if people are coming from bloglines, googlereader, or a link on someone else's site, etc...very interesting info, even if I do feel like big brother a bit.

I generally write whatever pops into my head. I have a weird thought during the day and try to sort it through by thinking out loud, as it were. But I always think about my readers. I like to be funny. Or inspiring. Or thought-provoking. Or something that justifies them taking the time to read. A tricky balance, indeed. I never sit and think, "What would my readers like to hear about today?" though. It's all about what's most on my mind.

LisAway said...

I laughed out loud about people's divided opinions about your carpal tunnel.

Are you wondering who subscribed to you or how many people have? I'm sure you know that you can subscribe to yourself (I did so I could see if my reposting after I correct things is showing up multiple times for everyone, since I do it all the time and it might get annoying.) You can click on show details and see statistics such as how many people are subscribed to you.

I really try to just write what I want, but then I remember people will probably read it and I apologize for it. It's lame. But I think I really don't think much about what will grab people and just write what I'm thinking about. Then I refer back to a previous post and link to it and feel like, wait, this is supposed to be for me, but I do it anyway because Daring Young Mom does it all the time and I love to go back and read her old stuff, so it can't always be bad.

I sometimes don't like when people ask a question at the end of their post when it seems like something they wouldn't care about. But then I remember the time I asked people about the weather, and how lame does THAT sound? But I really DID want to know!

So I think people should do it how they like. I blog for me. I kind of wish I could tell people, just because I read your blog doesn't mean you have to read mine!! Or please don't comment out of obligation! There is none! I think I would have half the comments if people only commented when they had something they really wanted to say. But I really think I have the world's best commenters and I would never want to discourage them, either.

Oh, it's so tricky!!

Billi said...

You are a hoot. I think you definitely fall into the “I NEED comments,” category.

I am not sure what I comment under…I have a blog billisbabblings.blogspot.com…(shameless plug)I just write comments when and if the mood arises. I am a habitual comment reader. I even return to old posts to see what other may have added. I don’t necessarily change my comments, but I like to know what others are contributing.

I write to be creative, to release energy and to inform the masses that I am and will remain perfect. Do I care if I have readers? Well of course, yes! Do I hope it is more than friends and family? I am hopeful. Do I seek comments, not every time, but occasionally I’d like to know that I am doing well, I can make someone laugh, provoke a thought, or create a connection. I am not seeking anything too profound or earth shattering, just your basic contact to those in the blogging world. I may have created a few of my own question along the way, but I think I answered what you were asking.

Heather of the EO said...

Kimberly and Lisa both said a lot of things I can totally relate to.

Thank you for commenting and feeding my NEED! :) Really, all joking aside. I think everyone appreciates comments. When I ask questions, like Lisa said, it's because I REALLY want to know, NOT to seek out comments. One thing I LOVE about blogging is what I learn from other people. I have posts that don't get many comments, and I'm okay with that too. Heck, I used to have 0-5 comments every post, and I kept going. I just love to write.

Becky said...

If I'm really tired when I post, I tend to forget all about the comments and readers and write what I want to write.

On my does-anyone-like-me days, I'm all about writing whatever I think will get the most comments, so that I can feel good about myself.

Yeah, I'm sad and pathetic, aren't I? :)

Um, readers? Email? I dunno. You're on my blog list and it tell me when you last posted. I don't know what that means. I'm such an infant in the blogging world...
(Except hen I added my third column, for which I shall be eternally prideful.)

Anonymous said...

I subscribe to you via Google Reader.

As for my own blogging, I started writing with several motives: to meet other moms, to make money (Ha! Fell off that train...actually never got on it), and to have an outlet for my writing needs.

I have gotten hooked by commenters, of course, and I would definitely not have kept up blogging if it weren't for the community (commenters) aspect of it. That said, I try to keep a balance between writing about what matters to me and what is interesting to them. If I plan on doing a theme, I'll do a poll to see which of a couple themes (all of which interest ME) would encourage the most participation from readers.

It's just like with face-to-face friends...if I did all the talking about everything I wanted to say and never, ever asked about them or thought of ways to include them in the conversation, it would be a pretty one-sided relationship and they would hate me.

Kazzy said...

I like to think that I would write even if nobody ever read anything I wrote, but the comments are so self-affirming that it is hard to be really honest here. As far as style or content, I have a certain way of thinking about things and it comes out in my blogs.

I don't use a reader or email subscriptions. I read about 20 blogs and I have them all on my blogroll from my own blog. So, since I am on my own blog regularly I see which of the ones I follow have new posts right from the roll.
Sometimes, even if there is not a new post, I will go to my faves and check in on comments. It has almost become ritualistic!

Sarah said...

I subscribe to your blog with google reader. I have a few by email, but mostly I use my wonderful fantastic reader. :)
I only think of the readers of my page if I'm planning on causing myself complete writer's block... somehow it does that to me. Same with novel writing. I have to know I'm writing for myself and NOT THINK/WORRY about the other readers or my mind freezes up. That said... I love it when people DO read and then comment... somehow that's fun, even though it makes me feel sick sometimes that someone might read something I wrote.

Sabrina said...

Im with my cousin Kelly... we have the same twisted minds, and its hard to keep the blog clean. The Robidon'ts have issues.
In all seriousness... Sometimes I write for me, and sometimes i do it to amuse my readers.
Writing is my outlet and its fun to see who is out there, reading along with me and my silly world.
I try to keep my blog reading to a minimum, but i love to read and so i just cant help myself.

*MARY* said...

I use google reader, that's how I knew about this new post.
I try, TRY, to comment as much as I can. It's becoming increasingly difficult and time consuming because I have over a hundred blogs in my reader.
I'm not sure who I write for. I just start typing the junk that's in my head.
Before I hit the publish post button I read what I've written as if it's somebody elses blog and I'm reading it for the first time. Most of the time I read my post and think, "that's not funny, this post is crap, delete it NOW!" But I publish it anyway, I don't know why.
Oh and when I leave a comment I usually don't read the ones before me unless there are less than five and they're not too long.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Ooh, I love a challenge! (you, realize, of course, this means having your blog open in 2 ports--oh, so clever!) 1)I don't know how many are too many 2)No, I do not read all of the comments if there are a lot or if I don't feel like it but yes I worry that I am repeating but I figure commenting is better than getting all sucked up in reading comments 3)yes, I have commented out of obligation (but never here of course!) 4)I am not, for some reason, getting carpal tunnel 5) my chair might be ergonomically correct (I know my keyboard is) but the way I am using the chair is all wrong 6)I think blogging without any comments ever would be pretty darn tough 7)I do not subscribe--sounds like you are having some of the same problems I am having (except that I haven't even gotten remotely that far) 8)n/a 9)I write for my readers, absolutely every time. I never started this blog as a web journal, it was always about the writing and the audience. I am an ego-maniac that way. 10) no forgetting about them whatsoever 11) it's impossible (or I just don't want to) 12)oops, forgot one--no, it most certainly isn't just you. I think this is why some people write one or more blogs--one just for them, one for an audience, etc. Unless we are both looney tunes together, I think you sound pretty normal . ..at least about the blogging stuff. And the kid stuff. The rest of it, I don't know. Blog about it and I'll let you know. : )

Abra said...

I don't like to read blogs that talk about anything with the following:

-aerodynamic pressure
-1x + 2x = y
-You can Purchase this on EBAY
-Anything written in a foreign language is intimidating because I can only read English
-So, like, this one time? I totally...

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up... oh and Politics, I don't follow it because I can't vote in the US, and I can't vote in CANADA so really, it doesn't matter to me simply because I don't get a say...
EXCEPT I did read Mary's blog but I didn't understand what the word yokel meant...

When I first started blogging, it was just to keep my family up to date. When I came across Kim on facecrack, and she told me she had a blog, I was like: "How come so many people are reading your blog? How did that happen?"
Then I realized that I had to actually read other peoples blogs.
I still had no extra readers.
Then I realized that I had to comment on other peoples blogs.

I like it when people read my stuff.
I would write the same stuff even if no one read it.
Not true.
I was just thinking about this the other day, I don't think I would blog if people didn't read.
I think I'd journal.
Because really, that's what a blog is to me.
I'm just way better at typing than I am at writing, my fingers cramp up and start to hurt.

I don't subscribe because I don't understand computers all that well, and I have no idea what you're talking about.

So yeah.
That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Oh, wait.
Sometimes I read other people's comments, because I'm nosy.
If I read someone's comments and I like what they have to say, I'll check out their blog.
so yeah.
NOW I'm done

Sara@ Butterville said...

It would take me ALL day to read these comments. I read all comments left on mine. But I average 6. At a sentence or 2 each. I run through my blogroll everyday and read the ones I follow. I don't do the reader thingys. I write my posts like someone is sitting next to me. If I wouldn't say it IRL I don't post it. I am as real as it gets when you read my blog. I'm starting to think people don't like me if I'm only getting 6 comments! HMP!;0

Motherboard said...

I use Google reader. I have an insane amount of blogs that I like... (I just unsubscribed from a bunch-- but with what is left, lets just say it makes me look like a total Crack head blog junkie...)

I comment when I want to. I try to read my favorites... but I only comment when I have some extra time. I usually read the comments after I have written mine and find myself saying "Damn. I just repeated 10 other people. When will I learn?!"

I write what I want. I will read it before I publish it like its another blog I am looking at... just to make sure I catch the obvious mistakes. Just remember, that, I will, put, commas, wherever, the hell, i, want...

But, that being said, I do think about my readers... a lot. I just try to write for me. It's too much pressure to try and figure out what others want to read. If they like me great, if they dont-- then eh. who cares? (me. but i'm not admiting it...)

happygeek said...

OK, a few answers
For me, I limit it to thirty blogs. (five of those rarely post and are IRL friends.) If I find a new one that I MUST have, then I ditch one. I like the community aspect of blogging so I am slowly weeding out the big name bloggers that wouldn't know if I lived or died and stick to undiscovered treasures.
I do not use a reader, I keep wanting to but it takes time to set it up and that's time I could be reading or writing.
I don't read comments all the time, it takes too long.
If i think too much about my audience then I bore even me. And I think that I am hilarious so it tough to bore myself.
I wish I could comment all the time, but blogging is my hobby. My passion and vocation are 2, 4 , and older than me:) They need me more than some woman I don't know in Topeka. (I have to repeat that a lot to myself)
Happy thinking.

Erin said...

You and I were kind of on the same wavelength with our posts today, weren't we?

I subscribe to your blog on Google Reader. I have to tell you something that is kind of embarrassing, but it may be flattering to you (or maybe annoying, I don't know which). I started reading your blog probably six months ago. I may have left a comment or two, but I was pretty new to the whole blogging thing. I changed the name and URL of my blog (since I didn't want my last name on it anymore), and I left another comment or two on your blog because I was feeling a little less scared. And then, one day, you became a "follower" on my blog. I admit I was a little starstruck! Yours was the first blog I had ever read that had a pretty big following, and I felt pretty special when you actually came over to mine, made a comment, and started following me! Pathetic, I know, but just so you know, you made my day!

And sorry, this comment is more like a post, and I am too darn lazy to read over it and check mistakes. So it will just have to do.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I read you (and others) in google reader.

I don't read all of them everyday, there are a few "must reads" and if the title is catchy, I'll read it...otherwise I sorta hop around.

If I'm on someones sight, I generally leave a comment even if its just to say hi...not out of obligation but it just makes me feel polite ;)

I do think of my readers, especially those IRL, but it doesn't change my writing, it just helps me to be wise in what I'm saying...all the time knowing that everyone's going to have a different opinion on what/how I write...so goes life I guess!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I rarely read others' comments, unless it is a controversial topic or highly interesting to me. Good thing I read yours today, though, since I now know where I stand with Happy Geek. She is totally going to ditch me sometime soon since I recently confessed that I hate shopping. Sigh.

I use Google Reader and follow about 150 blogs. I don't read every single post though. I used to feel obligated to read everything, but now I just have to let it go. I continue to include that many blogs in my reader because I'm always searching for excellent posts for my Sunday Linkage. If a post doesn't grab me by line five, I move on.

I used to comment lots; now I comment rarely. There are about 10-20 blogs that I tend to regularly comment on, but that's because I feel part of the community there.

As to what I write -- nope, I don't allow others to influence me. Actually, that's a lie. A few peeps in my Real Life know about the blog, including Ring. This week I am forcing myself to focus on comedy because Ring (Rosie's husband) told me he's reading, specifically looking to laugh. The pressure... the pressure.

Other than that, I don't tailor what I write. I can only be myself. If I try to deliver what I think people want, eventually I'll burn out. I'd much rather my readership accept me for who I am. If they don't, I'll eventually flub and they'll leave anyway, so why stress myself out?

As to comments I receive -- I spent my first three months blogging with less than 40 comments total. Yes, I'd blog even without comments, but I do like the sense of community that forms with others who comment.

Melanie J said...

Oh, so many questions!

All right. If you don't clean your house because you were reading blogs, you follow too many. So I follow too many.

I comment way too often out of obligation but just for people I consider my blog friends.

I'm getting carpal tunnel.

I never sit in a chair to blog. I sprawl on my sofa with my laptop and it's sad how bad my posture is.

Most people would not blog if there were no comments. Like 91% wouldn't anymore.

I subscribe to your blog and 30-ish others on Bloglines but I'm not sold on it. Bloglines, that is.

I think constantly about others when I'm blogging on my Write Stuff one, but couldn't give a rip with our family one, other than to make sure I'm including enough details. It's more of a family history project so it's there for us to look back on, a weekly chronicle of our ant-like little lives.

And I think that be all!

Lara said...

Real quick:

I have a reader, and you are on it. I think there's nearly 100 in the reader. Lately, I prefer using the handy dandy updater thing in my sidebar to read my very favorites. You are also on that.

I am not a super commenter, simply because I don't have the time. But I will comment at least every few posts on most blogs I read. Some are close friends, and I usually always comment on theirs, and others I just sense I should. So I do.

I will read the comments if it is a post that is very interesting to me, or if there are only a couple when I click through to comment. Otherwise, not usually.

I started blogging almost 4 years ago, and I really just wrote for me back then. Then I started getting readers here and there and oh my gosh! Comments!

So, as the years have passed, I have started thinking about the audience a lot more. I have made a few huge blogging blunders, which got me either really negative anon comments, or in one case, a blog post dedicated to how awful I am. I learned my lesson and I definitely censor myself much better these days.

Also, I do go through moments where I try to be someone I'm not on my blog. Either emulating other bloggers I admire or just not being happy with myself. Always backfires. I know I always get the most positive feedback when I am completely myself.

Kim said...

Lots of questions :) I love it.

I read my blogs, normally, every morning while eating breakfast in bloglines. I also check them other times during the day.

I comment if I can and if I have something relevant to say. If there is a blog I want to comment on and don't have the time right then, I leave that tab open until I can get to it. for example, this tab has been open ALL DAY and I am just now commenting at 10:15pm!

I never read the other comments before posting my own. I just shoot from the hip ;)

I am not sitting ergonomically correct, in fact I am usually nursing the baby or holding the baby. so, it does take a toll on my back.

As far as thinking about the readers..yeah, I do. I am not going to post something that I think would be boring to the general population. I started blogging to keep my family updated about the kids, but it has turned into so much more. So, yeah, I do think about the readers, but at the same time, I blog for myself. I blog to remember things that have happened in my life. So, I think about both myself and the readers and hope I strike a nice balance in there.

If no one commented...well I don't get a lot of comments on my blog and that does get discouraging. I keep going though because I like having a record of what cute things my kids are doing and saying and what my life is like right now. Also, just because people don't comment doesn't mean they aren't reading...maybe they are like me, reading and having children who need their attention at the same time, so even though they really want to comment, they just can't. Wow. that was a lot of commas!

I don't think I got all the questions, but it is all I can do tonight. Love your blog!

charrette said...

I ditto Melanie J on most of these.
Except I sit on a chair in my office, not on the couch.

I only read the blogs I really, truly LOVE. And only the really great writers, whose ideas I value. I subscribe to very few. But I subscribe to you via Feedblitz. And I think it's a little slow. Because often when I get to you there are already 25 other comments. But it works for me.

I can't read them all every day...I feel happy if I get to them more than once a week...but I do try to comment on every post. Not necessarily out of obligation, per se, but because I especially love the people who comment on all of mine. It's the golden rule, in bloglandia. :)

I started blogging because I wanted to write, but I keep blogging because I love the interaction. It wouldn't be nearly as exciting without comments and commenters. Nor would it be as therapeutic. I also love having the opportunity to comment on a really great post, or respond to a really poignant question.

I think about my readers only in the same sense I think about my other friends. These are people I care about, value, pray for, love.

I did take down one post because I didn't think it honored my readers' time...it was too shallow, too self-centered, too lame. So I let my readers influence my writing only in the sense that I try to put up quality posts and not just whatever drivel pops into my head at the moment.

I often read most of the other comments before I leave mine...frequently if it's a really intriguing post the comments will be intriguing too. And that's a great way to find new people/blogs to read.

Wow -- that's a lot of information you probably didn't need.... :)

MoziEsmé said...

Getting really nosy, are we? Fun!

Too many blogs is however many keeps you from having a life...

I usually don't read all the comments before mine. I'm not commenting to the commenters, I'm commenting to the blogger. And I just don't have the time...

I do sometimes comment to let people know I'm visiting, but I try to make the comment relevant to the post.

No carpal tunnel.

Definitely not ergonomically correct. We can't afford such luxuries in Mozambique :)

Since I'm writing for my daughter and family's sake, comments aren't absolutely necessary, but they add a wonderful dimension to blogging that I'd hate to lose. It's the connection with the audience, and getting to know friends.

I subscribe through Google Reader. Including yours, I've got about 110, which is way too many for me. I've recently reprioritized and now first read people who have commented on my posts, and then go and check out my Google Reader if I have time.

I do write for the reader. I don't think that's a bad thing. It keeps me focused. If I was just writing for myself, I would stop writing. I really don't like writing all that much... I'd far rather be reading!

Ron said...

As for reading, I have a file in favorites, well, several files. One is daily reads, one is weekly reads, and another is occasional reads. I use that for some of my blog reads. I do not have a schedule, so the file titles are misleading. It is just my way of dividing faves from semi faves and so forth. I also follow a few blogs. The favorites files came before the blog following thing.
I do read the blogs I am following daily, or as daily as some post. Then there are some days, I hit that 'next blog' link at the top of most blogs, that takes you to a random blog. (Usually it takes me to a foreign language blog .. but eventually to some interesting ones.)

I comment if I feel like it. If a blog touches me deeper than a chuckle or an 'awww'. There really is no set pattern for me there.

As to knowing if someone is reading me and if it matters .. All is vanity, says the Bible. Yes, I like to know someone is reading. That would be why I have the blog counter on mine. However, if no one reads me, I still have to write. I have written over 200 poems in the last 15 years since I returned to writing more earnestly. Most of those are for me, but if a word I write can help anyone, I want it to do it's work.

One of my poems about poetry, says:
when we have uttered our souls
and you have lived your lives
these are the ashes
sifted through by the next generation

Writing is therapeutic. It heals the writer. It is even better when it helps heal the reader.

So, I write. I have written a book, I am working on a novel, I write short stories, I write poetry, I write Bible Studies, I write a blog, I write one lines.

"She has loved me enough for a lifetime, and left me longing for a lifetime more."

Some of what passes through my head, falls onto my fingers, and is spread out on paper.

I write and I read writers. These are two of lifes simple complexities.

Carolyn said...

On comments, I think that there is almost nothing better we can do on the internet than comment on someone's blog. Because even if they just look at what you said and think "that's dumb", they'll look at their site and see "32 comments" and think "wow, people love me." Because we are so number oriented, I try to comment on every blog I visit just to add to their count, even if I don't have anything meaningful to say. It's my way of saying, "Hey, I was thinking of you. You're great!"

The other question I wanted to answer is your last one, about audience. I guess I don't think about blogging the same way you do. I have a journal that I keep when I want to just write whatever is in my heart. When I blog, I always remember someone could read it. I hope someone will! My purpose in starting it was to flood the internet with positive thinking. I write because I want to invite God's Spirit through a monitor and into someone else's home. I write because I want to change the world, or at least make a dent in the lives of those I visit.

Heather of the EO said...

I totally get you. :)

I don't think we look at it much differently at all. I too do think of the readers and hope to bring them some laughs and peace to their day. I just don't want to over-think that aspect, trying to please everyone. Not possible and not the point, right?

I just love how you think.

The Three 22nds said...

I just have a list of blogs under my favorites. I know that is archaic, but it works for me. I think there are 28 on it now, but only 3 post daily or almost daily, so there is not much to read everyday.

I could get sucked in to a lot more, but I try not to be.

Honestly, the time I devote to blogging is not *that much* but with my house looking the way it does, it is probably too much.

But a girl's gotta have some fun, right?

I like documenting my life through blogging and I know my relatives appreciate it (at least the stuff about the kids!)

I try not to get too controversial just because I want to be sensitive to people who read it. Although I have seriously considered canning that forum and start blogging about politics, postmodernism and the decline of volunteerism in our sports obsessed society. Oh! Was that a rant?


Peanut said...

How many I read depends on how much time I have (very little lately!) If I only have a few minutes, then I only read my faves (which includes yours!). I usually read the comments before commenting, but sometimes I skip a few if there are tons of comments. (like today!) I AM getting carpal tunnel and that's because most of my blog reading and commenting occurs in the middle of the night after I feed my son and can't get back to sleep. I lay in bed and go online using my ipod touch.
I do think the comments are an essential part of blogging, but I try not to get too wrapped up in them.

I subscribe in google reader because I get WAY too much email and wanted to have all the blogs in one place. And yes, of course I am subscribed to your blog!

As for who do I write for? I cycle back and forth between writing for the sake of writing and writing for my readers. I try not to get too caught up in numbers, but instead focus on why I started out blogging: to get out my ideas and to keep friends and family informed.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

I just clicked over from someone's blog that had a test: 'HOW ADDICTED TO BLOGGING ARE YOU?' I scored 62% but I didn't feel too bad because almost everyone were in the 80's and up. I think I read blogs more than I post on my own.

Part 1: I'm "following" your blog so you pop up on my reader when you post so I guess that's my type of subscription. I like doing google reader because it's efficient based on my limited knowlege of what's available out there.

Part 2: Yes, I think about potential readers when I'm preparing to post. I try to be true to myself, but I can't completely lay it all out on just any topic. I have to be selective. Big reason is my husband has a public kind of job. Kind of an "ambassador" role in the community so I need to make sure I stay away from controversial stuff even when I have strong opinions in case people identify me and my husband becomes guilty by association. But on non controversial topics I write like I'm talking to a friend so I consider myself authentic.

JustRandi said...

I'm pretty conscious that I have a sometimes impressionable readership. My kids and my nieces sometimes pop in, so I can't vent as much as I sometimes want to.
On the other hand, whenever I do write angry, I'm usually embarrassed, so it's probably a good thing.

Jessica said...

I subscribe to yours on Google reader, and I'm a follower so is that the same thing? And . . . I think that because on a good day I get like four comments, I am mostly writing just for me. I find that when I start thinking about the readers my tone changes and I don't want to be fake. But at the same time, I lOVE comments, and it's really fun to know someone is reading. I confess to being SO BAD about commenting on other peoples' blogs. Trying to get better at that.

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