The Return of Sunday Suck Ups

I'm changing the Sunday Suck Up idea just a little. I decided I'd link to two great POSTS every Sunday, rather than to two great blogs. What's the difference you ask? I don't really know exactly. But whatever.

(Those of you who don't know, before September I was highlighting a certain two blogs every Sunday. Now that I'm done taking a month off to host Soap Opera Sunday, I wanted to get back to sucking up.)

Maybe I can explain a little better. I could link you to two great blogs, but there are two reasons I'm going to link to two great posts instead.

1. It overwhelms people to think they're about to discover yet another blog to read when they're already on the computer most of their lives trying to catch up. So this way, there's no pressure. You just read one GREAT post and decide for yourself if you're coming back for more.

2. If I link to a blog, not knowing what the most recent post is, there's always the chance this recent post is about something lame. Kidding, of course.

So here you go. Hold onto your hats, you're about to be BLOWN away!!!

I'm a huge fan of Jess over at one wild and precious life. A post she wrote this past week just knocked my socks right off. It's really well-written, and makes you feel all wrapped up in the goodness of fall and seeing things through a child's eyes. This post made me want to carry my boys around and stare at them, watching their eyes as they discover new things. It's even short and sweet, which helps when you're overwhelmed by catching up on great posts. Yeah, so click on the word post up there and have your day made.

And secondly, I'm going to copy Sue from Navel Gazing at its finest, and I'm going to rave about Mary of Mary had a little glob. Her weirdness is so endearing and hilarious that I just can't wait for her name to pop up on my reader. All of her posts leave me snorting stuff out my nose and wishing I could climb right inside her brain and smile forever. So here's one of the funniest posts I've ever read. Her rambling train of thought in this post left me feeling, dare I say....normal?

So there you have it. GO to these posts now. And have fun. Let's do this again next week!

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Sara@ Butterville said...

I thought this was great.
Mary is hilarious. The randomness of her thoughtS. Hysterical! Can you imagine trying to have coffee with her?

*MARY* said...

I remember my 5th grade teacher telling me that Heather of the EO would NEVER feature me on Suck Up Sunday.
Take THAT Mrs. Hansen!

Jessica said...

why thank-you so much!

JustRandi said...

Heather, your Sunday posts never disappoint me. You always have such fun things to talk about. Do you want to be my bff and go out for bagels sometime? I think we could really hit it off!

Motherboard said...

Mary rocks the blog world! She is super and weird to boot! What great bloggers are made of!

Kazzy said...

Ok, I just read Mary's blog (glob) and I am exhausted! The run-on sentences were hilarious and I laughed out loud :) Thanks for the heads up!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Thanks! That was really fun!

Kristina P. said...

What a fun idea!

Becoming Me said...

What a great idea. I look forward to checking these out. Thanks

JCK said...

What a lovely idea.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

This is a great idea. I always love reading great posts, so you're definitely one I'd take recommendations from.

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