Am I Mormon?

People say that you shouldn't talk about religion or politics. I'm not the best at following that unwritten rule. Well, politics...yeah, I can totally skip that. But religion? I can't skip it. I love theological discussions.

Before I went on a (short) blogcation awhile back, many of you asked some really good questions. I still haven't answered them, but I'm finally going to start today. (I procrastinate with the best of 'em, but I usually do what I said I would do, sooner or later.)

I realize I'm not that interesting and mysterious, but a lot of people have asked me one particular question, so I figure it's time I clarified.

No, it's not "How come you're soooo smart, Heather?" That's not it. I don't know why no one asks me that, but whatever.

The burning question is however, "Are you Mormon?"

I did sort of answer this in the comments a while back, but a few more people have asked since then.

The answer is no, I'm not Mormon.

So, that's that. Now what should we talk about?

Just kidding. I can never keep things that brief.

It never fails that when I answer this question in real life or in an email, there are more questions that arise after I say no. Like,

How come you have so many LDS readers then?

Um, I'm not sure. But I'm so happy that I do. I've met some lovely new friends and have learned a lot from them. I've gotten to develop relationships I most likely would not have had outside of blogging. I'm so thankful for those relationships.

(And besides, my Mormon readers make me look blog famous because they are very faithful commenters. Without them, this here blog would be pretty silent.)

(Some of my lovely Mormon blog friends have asked me if I think Mormons are weird. The answer is no, I don't. One of my least favorite faults of we humans is how we so easily stand in judgment. Can't stand it. I try really hard to see people as simply themselves, not as a label. That doesn't mean I don't have questions about all different faiths, but I work that out by reading and praying, not by getting insecure and frustrated with differences in beliefs and therefore pointing a finger and saying "that looks wrong to me." -- I have no idea if that made any sense at all. I hope so?)

One reason that so many Mormon women started reading my blog is because of Kimberly of Temporary?Insanity. We became blog friends back in the day and she was kind enough to feature one of my posts on her blog. Then there was kind of a domino effect. (I'm pretty sure that's it how it all began anyway.)

After I answer the question about why I have so many Mormon readers, I'm sometimes asked what I believe, since I talk about God and faith and stuff here quite frequently. Let's see how brief I can keep the answer to that...later today.

(This is going to be the world's longest post if I answer that here. I have the response to this question all written out, so I won't forget to post it later today.)

So, um...to be continued.

(I know! You can't stand the suspense. Pins and needles! Or maybe not. But I'm still going to tell you later. So there.)

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Sara@ Butterville said...

Can't wait, I love these discussions too!

LisAway said...

We're all waiting on our computers, lady! :)

Peanut said...

I'm looking forward to it!

joolee said...

Those Mormon women have tempted me to convert! Who knew you could live in a healthy fear of God AND be freaking hilarious;)

Erin said...

I've got the answer to why you have so many LDS readers. It's because we appreciate good writing, keeping it clean [for the most part:)], and honesty.

I'll always come back for more from you Heather!!

Tooj said...

I like how you approached this topic....slowly. LOL One post at a time. As a woman trying to understand and come to terms with faith GENerally...I agree with your comment about the standing in judgment. My problem, though, isn't the judging of other faiths...but those who are believers and full of "faith" standing in judgment of people in everyday, humdrum existence. They are the ones in their Sunday best, standing in line at the grocery store, being nasty to the store clerk. I've been there and witnessed, and I find it so discouraging to even contemplate joining their "herd of goodness". I look forward to reading the next installment, without a peep from me. :)

Abra said...

I know why you have so many Mormon readers:

#1 Soap Operas are stupid.
#2 Eating bon bons all day makes you fat and lazy
#3 Dr. Phil is only on twice a day and Opera is boring most of the time except when Brad Pitt was on.
#4 You can only drink so much diet coke
#5 It's cold outside and bundling up sixteen kids to go for a walk is stupid
#6 Especially when one of those 16 kids can pick up the milk on the way home from school
#7 Laundry takes a half hour to wash and an hour in the dryer

so there you have it - what you say? That could be anyone's list... huh.
Well, then I have no good reasons, it must be because YOUR freakin' awesome!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Abra--you're a crack up! Heather, I was wondering when you would get to this one--you said you would. I did know that you aren't Mormon, wanna know why? Because the Mormon Mommy Blogs has you listed as Mormon-Friendly. Pretty funny! I am sure you picked up a bunch of readers from that blog list--in fact, I think that is where I found you. Glad I did, of course!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm with joolee... who knew before that one could live with a healthy fear of God and make others roll on the floor with laughter?

Lara said...

I also knew you weren't LDS because of the category you are listed in in Mormon Mommy Blogs. But, you are very friendly, and it's not like I limit myself to only Mormon blogs! I'd miss a lot of good stuff that way! And you're the good stuff!

Kristina P. said...

I found you through Sue, and saw that you did have several Mormon readers, so I just assumed. And honestly, a lot of the non-LDS women's blogs I read have a lot of swearing, so, you do the math!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Well done! I love how you live out your faith with LOVE! So many miss the boat on that one.
Can;t wait to hear your story.

Kimberly said...

Aww...thanks for the linky love, hun! It's been so wonderful watching that dominoe effect take place and seeing so many more women getting to partake of your loveliness!

Growin' with it! said...

i have written a post on this and other taboo subjects. now i'm more inspired to actually push the *publish* button!

Kazzy said...

It is so good for us to have such interesting discussions with someone of a different faith! A big heart and a faithful life speak for themselves. No labels needed.

I appreciate your Mormon-friendliness!

Carolyn said...

It's funny to me that you had to come out and say this.

I found your site from Adventures in Babywearing and haven't been able to stop reading since. I must admit to wondering if you were Mormon in the beginning but a little digging and I found out you were just really smart. And so I learned that Mormons do not have the monopoly on clear-thinking. What a valuable lesson!

Melanie J said...

I found you because you were everywhere (comment trails, Mormon Mommy Bloggers, linky love) and so I took it as a clear sign from the blogosphere that I was supposed to follow you. And I do.

Keyona said...

Ok, you're not Mormon. Glad we cleared that up. Didn't matter to me, you're still GREAT!

Does that really matter in the bloggy world? Hmmm......

Cynthia said...

I appreciate those of ANY faith who honestly strive to live it, even if they fall short sometimes. Better to set the bar for your own personal conduct high and sometimes fail to live up to it than to set it so low you'll never be disappointed. I love that you set a high bar for yourself and I enjoy visiting and relating to your daily struggles to live up to your own expectations. It makes me feel less alone on my own journey.

mommyliz said...

Holla back at me my Mormon Friendly Friend! This was the post that got me listed with you.
Maybe someone will actually read my blog and comment now...
You are a crackup!
Best of luck with your son.

That Girl in Brazil said...

I admit I was one of the many who thought you were Mormon - until you cleared it up in an email a while back! I'm with Erin, though - we love you cuz you're hilarious, talented, and clean! Who cares where we all go on Sunday -

T and T Livesay said...

I cannot read this anymore. I am EXTREMEly disappointed.


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

There is a scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants (a Mormon book of modern revelation) that says:

"For intelligence cleaveth unto intelligence; wisdom receiveth wisdom; truth embraceth truth; virtue loveth virtue; light cleaveth unto light..."

And THAT, my dear, is why so many Mormon women are drawn to you. :)

Kristen said...

But can you answer this burning questions:

How are all these mormon mommy bloggers so stinkin' hilarious??

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

For some reason I can't remember I knew you were not Mormon, but it didn't matter. I love your blog and I am an equal opportunity commenter regardless :-)

And yes, I want to ask you a question: Heather, why are you so smart?

charrette said...

I'm one of the many who found you through Kimberly's blog...and have thoroughly enjoyed every post and every comment and every email exchange ever since. I love your faith and I love your heart. So there you go.

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