7 Quick Takes (Volume 3)

Posted on Friday~February 6, 2009

1. Miles recently gave us some good advice you may want to give a try:

"When you mix mustard and ketchup together, it makes good happen."
(and who doesn't want good to happen?)

2. The other night I went on a random trip to the corner store BY MYSELF to get some potatoes. Just potatoes. That's what I wanted. A potato. I find that when I finally get a moment or two to myself, I think about Tuesday. And then I'm glad to have the quiet because I want to remember to pray for the Whitt family. Even while searching for a potato.

3. Ryan got me a touch screen phone about two months ago. It does all kinds of fancy things. I still don't know how to do any of the fancy things.

4. I'm on Twitter, you know? And everyone is talking about packing for BlissDom, and getting to Nashville, and who they get to meet in real life. I'm fending off a whole lot of envy and regretting my inability to plan to go. Maybe next year?

5. A long time ago, when people asked me questions that I still haven't answered, Steph asked,
"What is something you love to do that you haven't gotten to do since you had kids?"
Besides good personal hygiene, I haven't been able to think of anything. For real, my kids are just so perfect, I can do whatever I want. Wait, that's not it. Actually, I would like to travel more again when the kids are a bit older. I'm not a fan of taking toddlers/babies on flights and staying at hotels when they're this age. We never sleep and I just get cranky. I'm really looking forward to family vacations. And trips with just Ryan too. And trips with my Aunt too. And trips with my friends too....I guess I thought of something.

6. I think I've mentioned this before, but a guilty pleasure of mine (just one of the many) is the show The Bachelor. There are so many reasons to watch it:
1) Train wreck.
2) Comedy.
3) Drama.
4) Train wreck.
5) Humans are weird. This show is proof.

7. I wear an apron around the house. It makes me feel productive and so sometimes that works to keep me focused on getting more than a quarter of everything done. Sometimes. And besides, it's cute in all of it's flowers and birds goodness. It also serves as a great towel. My Dad thinks it's quite humorous, seeing me in an apron. So do I.

(As I finished typing this Miles said, "It's fun breakfasting with you, Mom." I love breakfasting with him too. Even when he licks the honey off his toast and leaves the rest.)

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Lara said...

I love the things that come out of Miles' mouth. You must always be smiling with him around.

I also look forward to things like shopping for potatoes by myself. Just a little bit of alone time and I am good. :)

LisAway said...

I think we might need a picture of you in that apron, now that we know that that's how you usually look.

It's nice catching back up with you. And I'm so sorry about Tuesday.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I gotta get me an apron. Maybe then I could be more like you.

Debbie said...

I can almost reach out and touch Nashville yet I don't get to go either. Let's whine. I'll start:)

Mrs. Dunbar said...

I so want an apron. Do you feel like your in the 1950's and you are June Cleaver? Ha. I don't know where that came from.
Oh, and I love Mile's comments.

Kristina P. said...

Love The Bachelor. Just bring back that tramp DeAnna back already!!!

Keyona said...

You wear an apron? You? Too funny! You don't know how much this made me laugh and I don't know why!

kel said...

It makes good happen!! I love it!

Becky said...

Mustard and ketchup DO make good happen. Especially if they're teamed up on a bun with a slab of ground beef. Mmmmm.

P.S. What exactly is BlissDom?

Annette Lyon said...

THAT'S my problem with getting housework done--no apron!

Becky said...

Uh, never mind. Just looked it up. :)

MoziEsmé said...

I always wondered what the recipe for "good" was!

BlissDom is calling me, too. Not yet, I tell myself...

Maybe I should try the apron trick, as well.

And that toast thing? Made me think - I have a bad habit of finishing up the food my baby leaves behind - can't handle seeing it go to waste! (I make my own portions smaller because of this.) But she's on a spit-up habit right now - where she chews for a while and then spits the food right back onto her uneaten food. So it's time to break the habit.

Halftime Lessons said...

I cant thank you enough for posting a Tuesday's Tribute button...and what a great blog you have!! im really looking forward to keeping up with you!

Jay @ HalftimeLessons

Sara@i.Sass said...

LOOOOOVE the Bachelor. Love IT.
I still laugh over vision boards girl.
Ketcup and mustard DO make good.
You wear an apron? really? Did you see the super cute one Heidi MNMOM made for her sister.
You crack me up.
Was looking at imixes on itunes...there was this dance mix one. Had EVERYTHING: Pump up the jam, Baby got back, you know all the songs they played at our school dances that we thought we were SO cool dancing to, when really we looked like a bunch of spazzed out beanpoles with braces?
Yeh, good times.

Peanut said...

Hmmmm...we'll have to try the ketchup and mustard thing. We sometimes mix ketchup and mayo (I know, so healthy) and that makes pink happen... and anything pink is good in our home!
I'm really looking forward to when we can do less stressful family trips too!

Erin said...

How many aprons do you have? Sounds fun.

And I have never found out whether you actually are a doula (like your e-mail says). Is there a story behind that?

Melanie J said...

Don't be ashamed of your Bachelor love. It's fun to watch crazy happen.

Growin' with it! said...

have you tried meeting your hubby at the door in that apron...you know *wink, wink*!

twitter...gave up on that one. i barely do facebook well. blogging has my heart in the end.

have a good weekend.

Angie said...

Oh my word, your Miles says the most adorable things. I love it! My hubby keeps trying to get me on Twitter, and I keep begging him for an iPhone.

And the train wreck that is the Bachelor... ahhh, the drama. I still can't sit through a whole episode, but I understand the draw.

What a fun peek into life.. daily, beautifully, ordinarily miraculous life. :)

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I like "breakfasting." I think I'll start using that. Not that I eat breakfast...

And I hear you about Blissdom, BlogHer, etc. I just don't think we can afford anything like that this year. Why can't these events take place in DC??

LexiconLuvr said...

Miles is my new Confucius. Serious words of wisdom there. (And an underlying message of being content. Great kid.)

K and/or K said...

Oh where do I begin?

1. I made a Rachel Ray recipe that combines them this week--MIles is spot on!

2. I've been thinking of them a lot too.

3. Jealous

4. Remember at the halloween party when I asked you if you read Bliss?

5. Where are we going? :-)

6. If I wouldn't be cheating on Chuck Bass at that hour I would watch.

7. Aprons make domestic life prettier!

And I must say, at first I thought I read that Miles likes to breastfeed with you!

Stefanie said...

I'm sad about Tuesday too. So sad.

You know I love me some Batch. That's my absolute newest obsession. I talk it over with someone at least twice a day.

I'm off to buy a potato.

Kim said...

I wear an apron also. I love the Bachelor...yep, train wreck, it rocks!
I'm also trying really hard not to be jealous about Blissdom. Next year. Plus, we will be at Blogher!!!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

If you go next year, I'll be your roomie. Maybe. If I go. Maybe we'll be in China then. Or maybe I'll feel too scared to show up to Blissdom.

Carolyn said...

Ew, mustard and ketchup? That is so absolutely disgusting, I can't even think.

How could anything good happen? Yuck yuck yuck.

Carolyn said...

Ew, mustard and ketchup? That is so absolutely disgusting, I can't even think.

How could anything good happen? Yuck yuck yuck.

Kimberly said...

That Miles has such a way with words!

I love posts like this...a feast of randomness. =)

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Anything to make the good happen :)

I didn't go to Nashville either. Def. next year, you and me. Are you doing BlogHer btw?

I love Miles. I love everything out of his mouth.

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

I forgot (as if I could EVER forget):

As if you didn't already know, Tuesday is never far from my thoughts. Ever.

Brooke said...

I wear shoes around the house for the same reason. What happened to DeAnna? I really wanted to see the drama that brought.

Muthering Heights said...

I love Miles' advice about making good happen - so cute!

As for flying/hotel stays with toddlers, I'm in agreement with you! I think it's cruel to force little ones out of routine, knowing that they will barely enjoy the vacation, and certainly won't remember it!

Kazzy said...

And what if I add BBQ sauce too (which I love)? Real good would happen, huh?

Before you know it you will be able to do whatever you want, and you will miss the days when you couldn't. Not trying to minimize your state right now- been there- but it will fly! You are gonna have very few regrets because of all the time you are spending with your kids. :) You good mom, you.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

My toddler is an endless source of wisdom and inspiration for me. I am glad that Miles is able to impart the same to you.

I have a vision of you in my head...walking around your house with an orange pot in one hand and your iPhone (?) in another, checking your blog when you can. I love it.

Do you also wear a pony tail on top of your head? I am bringing the trend back. You might want to jump on board my fashion train.


Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

This was great!! I am sooooo with you on number 4

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have gone to BlissDom, too. BlogHer doesn't thrill me, but for some reason BlissDom sounded great. Plus, we'd probably be the only two bloggers there who aren't from the south!

They're all "Ooh, Nashville, pack a coat," and we're all "Ooh, Nashville! Pack a swimsuit!"

Daisy said...

Blissdom sounds like a wonderful conference. I'd go - but I'm a teacher. Time off in February just doesn't happen.

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