This took me all of nap time, but that's okay, I didn't feel like doing laundry anyway

Monday~June 8, 2009

I think this might be a meme, I'm not sure. I just wanted to do it. I thought to myself, "I wish all the blogs I read could get more recognition, they're good stuff." And then I thought, "I wonder if people who know me and only read my blog know that there are other blogs out there that they might totally love?"

And then I thought about Chipotle and got distracted, dreaming about guacamole.

And then it was nap time and I had a moment to share this with you.

SO BEHOLD! A meme-like list. A list meme. A blog recognition meme. A linky love meme....
Whatever. Let's just do this:

A blogger who makes me think (and I love it): Jennifer at Conversion Diary

A blogger who makes me laugh (A LOT): Amy Lawson of The Lawsons Did Dallas

A blogger who has been known to make me cry (in a good way): Charrette of Divergent Pathways

A blogger who says things exactly the way I would (totally gets me): Motherboard of Crazyland

A blogger who makes me think about the big wide world outside of my comfort zone and inspires me to action: Tara Livesay of The Livesay (Haiti) Weblog and (I have to mention two here) Kristen of The Howerton Family Blog

A blogger who should really hurry up and write a book already: Amber of The Run A Muck

A blogger who makes me want to move in with her (because I know she'd understand me AND make me laugh): Deb of Dirty Socks and Pizza

A blogger with photography skills that knock my socks off: Emily of The Crowder Family

A blogger who I must check out daily: Steph at Adventures in Babywearing

A blogger who makes me want to eat her food: Catherine of Evolving Mommy

A blogger who could pretty much convince me of anything: Em at Life, Liberty and the Pursuit

A blogger who should win one of those big fancy blog awards for being one of the best: Sue of Navel Gazing at its Finest (sure, she's been a blog slacker these days, but with good reason!)
AND (yes, two) Beck of Frog and Toad are Still Friends

Blogs I quietly stalk: CJane enjoy it and Matt, Liz, and Madeline

A blogger who's a faithful commenter and genuine encourager all around the blogosphere: L.T. of Dreams of Quill and Ink

A blogger I MUST one day meet: Jo from Mylestones

A blogger I want to take parenting classes from: Pam at Beyond Just Mom

Bloggers who are real life friends: Sabrina of Superfluous, Kelly of Waiting for a Little Vlachster, Jennifer of My Charming Kids, (and then a few more that might not really appreciate me calling them "friend" when we've only just met.)

A blogger who has become a true friend (haven't met, but want to): Debbie of Suburb Sanity

A blogger who got me hooked on blogging: Kimberly of Temporary?Insanity. She inspired me to write, gave advice, and became a faithful friend.

(Of course I could have come up with ten for every one of these. So no one feel left out please, that would break my freaking heart.)

I never do this, but I'm tagging people. Yes, like I said, let's make this a MEME! (Whatever that really means and however you pronounce it.)

By tagging the following, I'm asking that they simply answer the above on their blogs. I'm also tagging them because they're either new to me, or at least semi-new to me, and I think they totally rock. Go ahead ladies, tell us who you love to read and why. If you want.

If you do this, tag some people. Or don't.

(Yes, it's a "meme" with no hard and fast rules, whodathunkit?)

(Apparently I can't really get to the point today.)

Steph at Red Clay Diaries
Angie at A Spring of Joy
Mommy Mo at Growing up Mo
Amanda at The Mom Job
Kristen at No Small Thing

Anyone can play along, of course. Copy and paste your face off! (Or wait, that sounds weird.) Copy and paste your life away! (Yeah, that works, it does take awhile, but don't worry, not your whole life.) (It's FUN dangit!) Keep only the ones you want to keep, or add your own, I'm totally flexible like that. (Except don't take my answers, that would just be boring.)

(Ugh, stop rambling!)

Peace out.

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Keyona said...

Thanks. Now that will take me all night to go through. Guess I'll have to put off laundry for another day. ;o)

Tooj said...

I think it's great that you created this list. I've found that, a couple of blog hopping times, I really really enjoy a piece I've read. So I link to them. :) Sharing the love is a wonderful thing, especially for a Monday.

VanderbiltWife said...

Maybe I didn't think enough, but I did it already!

Blogging About Bloggers

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Heather you could come and eat dinner with me every night. It might be a bit of a commute but you are welcome to eat my food anytime.

This list is great because it has some names I know and love and some that I obviously need to check out. I am feeling so loved...thanks!

Jennifer said...

Sounds good--I've got a lot of blog-checking to do!!

H-Mama said...

i'm still new to blogdom, so this will be fun for me to read. thanks for being my new bloggy friend. ;)

Em said...

Can I convince you to come over and entertain my kiddos while I go check out all these rocking blogs?

Really? Come on! They're cute and say excuse me after they fart and burp.


I'll be back after bedtime.

Thank you for the shout out! I'm forever your humble servant, Em :-)

Kimberly said...

For the record, we all love your rambling, so stop apologizing already. =P

I know a few of the gals you mentioned and I heartily agree. As for the others, I can't afford to visit them and get hooked on more fabulous blogs!

Melanie J said...

All right, I admit I feel the tiniest bit left out but not enough for you to stress about much less be heartbroken over. Especially since I had the exact same anxiety when I was deciding who to highlight last week. And I don't know if you read her already or not, but you should definitely check out DeNae at My Real Life Was Backordered. Today was hysterical.

Jen said...

this is a really cool thing. I am going to keep it in mind. I would love to share all my favorites. I am off now to check these peeps out.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

You've got great taste, Heather. Some of these blogs I have read or do read regularly, others I do not. Thanks for the links. It is always better to check out someone based on a recommendation.


Mylestones said...

Yikes! I need to discover more fabulous blogs to read like a HOLE IN THE HEAD. Or like I need more dirt on my floors. Or like I need more weight in my thighs. Ok, you get the point. That said, I love that you shared this list. Because what I NEED and what I WANT are two different things. :-)
Oh, and just let me know when you've booked your flight. :-)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Ok- you've inspired me to go to Panera with my laptop as my getaway tonight and I am going to check every single one of these out! Some are already faves, but some I have not read and CAN'T WAIT!


Rach@In His Hands said...

Thanks for sharin'! Love meeting new folks.

Pam at beyondjustmom said...

Hey, you did just what I was hoping for on my site today--great minds think alike. I'm so looking forward to checking out everyone on your list. Thanks for the love!

Kristen@nosmallthing said...

Oh my. Now I'm going to have a lot of things to read...

Maybe I should wait to make my list until after I've read this stuff...

Mommy Mo said...

I was reading this post and thinking to myself- where the hell am I listed?!!!!! And then I saw it and I was happy again : ).

Kazzy said...

Nice list. I will try and check some of those out.

chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

such a fun idea! i love finding new bloggers.

Kristen said...

Seriously, you are killing me with this list!! I am kissing goodbye to the next three hours while I look at all these. Thanks a lot. :)

But thank you sincerely for the compliment.

Erin said...

I already have something kind of like this ready for Wednesday. I even called it Linky Love. Great minds think alike, don't we? :)

Thanks for all of the fun links.

LisAway said...

Oh, good meme, Heather. Great way for people to share, especially those who don't normally do much linking but sort of want to.

charrette said...

So many blogs, so little time.
And yet, I was thinking of doing a post similar to this, someday soon, especially to highlight some of the newer blogs out there. Ah, great minds...

Sorry I make everyone cry so often. I swear it's not me, it's my life! But thank you for mentioning me and my little kleenexfest. :) I'm glad it's a good thing!

Deb said...

now see? if you really did live with me, you would have had chipotle for dinner last night. but no laughs, as i was in a psycho, nightmare mood (fun, huh?).

thanks for the shout out, my girl. i am honored. i read many, but a few are new to me. this type of meme is always fun. off to meet new peeps!

Amy said...

Oh thanks!!!
You're a blogger who makes me wish I looked better in jeans!

K and/or K said...

This is a list I am honored to be on! Thanks girlfriend!

Motherboard said...

No. You get me! (Even if you can't say Harry Potter)

WOW! I finally made the cool kids table! I feel honored! I am now going to check out all those other bloggers... I can't WAIT!

I think I'll have to follow Stephanie's lead and go to Starbucks. Because, (sniff sniff), we don't have a Panera bread here... and I miss it! (waaaah!)

Debbie said...

Oh my sweet friend! What a wonderful compliment. I would rather you have called me that than said anything else about me! And here I am a day late responding. See - a three day stomach bug can set you back very far. Plus, yuck. So, this has made me feel much better! Thanks.
And although I seem to know a great number of your buddies, I am going to check the others out too.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I love this meme. Only you need to babysit the Tongginator while I check out all of them.

mama-face said...

here's the thing...

I know that if you love a blog, then I'm going to love it,
and on and on it goes. It's a good thing.


MommyTime said...

This is a labor of love. I am bookmarking this post because I don't think I've read any of these blogs. Of course, my reader, with its 80 blogs already in it, doesn't really NEED more additions -- but I do so love to find new great blogs to read. Many thanks!

Jodie Mac said...

Can't-Get-Hooked-Too-Any-More-Blogs. You are killing me! I have been periodically checking your blog and found you through Mama Manifesto or Kristen H. I can't remember which one first. This list will kill at LEAST two naptimes; but I have to say I like you because of the comment you left on Kristen's blog saying that a Mommy's Helper is almost necessary with 2 or more kids. I sometimes (don't know why) feel guilty that I have one, but whole heartedly believe that it has kept me sane.

L.T. Elliot said...

Aww...and just when I haven't been a faithful commenter at all!!

Heather, you're too kind. You know I love your guts and you're great. I'm sorry for the lack o' comments lately (been MIA this last week point 5)

I'm checkin' out all the great blogs you've listed. Thank you!

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