A MckBrunch (and more on the nose) (I bet that's the first time that's ever been a title)

At the very last possible moment on Sunday morning, I rushed out the door and headed to the MckBrunch.

Um, Heather. What's a MckBrunch?

Well, it's a cross between fine dining and the drive-thru at McDonald's.

No, no! Actually, it was an opportunity for people to meet the lovely MckMama of My Charming Kids. (And for her to meet them, of course.) (Click on Stellan's adorable photo in my sidebar if you aren't already familiar with his story. You won't be sorry.)

I had no idea what to expect, but in the end, I was left giddy over what a good time it was. Don't even get me started on the food, that was just plain fantastic. And the company? Even better! I sat with some lovely ladies and we hit it right off, chatting endlessly about blogging and motherhood. It was just plain good stuff. (Somehow they put up with me talking too much.)

I need to give a special SHOUT OUT to one particular fine lady who took the time to make each one of us bracelets. Isn't that the nicest thing? They're just perfect and much appreciated. Thank you!


Now, for those of you who are following the dramatic story of The Possibly Broken Nose...


Why, Heather?

Well, the appointment at the ENT was changed (by the clinic) three times today. When we finally drove to a far-off suburb where Asher had been squeezed in, the doctor wasn't there. He left for an emergency. Yup.

(And I do believe I keep forgetting to say HOW he got a puffy and blue nose. Asher was standing on our front steps. He fell from the top one (of three) and landed on the sidewalk. On his nose. Yowzers.)

SO. We see the doctor tomorrow morning instead of today at three different times. Let's keep hoping that cute little schnoz is not fractured and does not need packing, m'kay?

After all, he needs to be able to wrinkle it when his brother takes over the car...

Don't worry. He stopped crying very quickly. (Because his brother gave the car back.)

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mrs boo radley said...

Hoping for an uninjured schnoz. Oof.

Sheryl said...

wow, i am just catching up on several posts. sounds like there has not been a dull moment in your house. fortunately, most of them have been fun!!

praying right now that there is no break in asher's nose AND that you have a wonderful time at blogher.

Mike said...

MckBrunch? Never heard of it. But it sounds fun.

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Keyona said...

Looked like fun. Wish I could have been there!

sara said...

wow, you are really calm for having the apt changed THREE times!!! I think i would have been a wee bit upset!

praying for good outcomes today!!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I would think, after all this time, his nose is fine. (Wouldn't you?)

But then again, I'm not a doctor. I only play one on the Internet.

Let us know what happens at today's appointment.

Eowyn said...

There are days when I hate the Dr. (said from the girl who just wants to e-mail her Dr. like the old days but the Dr. has a whole new system where we actually have to sign in and get approved and everything. My child needs his tonsils out! Can't I just e-mail the Dr. and find out what to do? But no. Now I must get approval to message and then message. What a freaking pain!)

(No, I'm not annoyed or anything. . .)

Anyway, here's hoping Asher is alright!

Roban said...

I hope Asher's nose is okay.... they seem so small and squishy at that age, I'm thinking that maybe it's not broken, thus no packing, etc.

Your get-together looks like so much fun. Isn't it great to share interests with so many others?!

Elizabeth said...

The brunch looks fun!

My daughter did the same thing to her nose when she was little, except she fell off the top bunk of her bed. Landed right on her nose. It looked bad, and stayed swollen for a while, but it wasn't broken. I think if Asher's was it would be all distorted looking (and it doesn't).

Amanda said...

I LOVE the name Asher... it was on our list for my second child!

Sorry I did chat more with yo at the brunch... maybe next year I won't have a fussy baby and can actaully socialize! :)

You look adorable in the group photo btw!

God bless-

Jen said...

that brunch sounds awesome! I meeting bloggers in real life is amazing!!! I am glad you had fun.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Like Jen, I must say that the MckBrunch looks like it was great fun. You people know how to have a good time out there in Minnesota!

Oh, and I have been singing your praises out in blogland, talking to Stephanie from Adventures in Babywearing. Seems that she is excited to meet you this week. What fun you are going to have at BlogHer!


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Clark had a doozie like that when he fell face-first into the front edge of his toybox. He was pronounced fracture-free though after the x-rays; hope you have the same luck!

Debbie said...

I'm not sure if blogging is good for my soul. Photos like that make me terribly jealous! And don't get me started on blogher.
Still hoping about that cute wrinkly nose.

Kimberly said...

Good luck with the nose - and yay for bloggy friend goodness!

Sara@i.Sass said...

oh, he looks so upset. Isn't it funny how taking of a toy can do that to a sweet face?
Hope his nose is fine.
Yeh for MckBrunch. FUN!

Kazzy said...

I think stuffing a baby carrot or two up there might work as a kind of cast. Maybe Miles can help?

L.T. Elliot said...

I'm glad Miles gave the car back. Poor lil' Ash-man. Having to wait on the doctor and getting his car boosted at the same time!

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