5 Years of Sainthood

Friday~August 28, 2009

In an effort to give my husband just the right gift for our anniversary, I went to the store to pick up everything I would need for cupcakes. The man loves his sweets.

I was checking out with my ingredients and the very young cashier said, "It looks like you're making something." So I told her that I was making cupcakes and she asked if it was someone's birthday. Very inquisitive young lady, yes? I explained that they were anniversary cupcakes and she said, "Oh, is this your first anniversary?"

"No, it's our fifth."

"Oh...were you high school sweethearts or something?"

Ah, bless her curious little heart. She thinks I'm in my twenties. Maybe even my early twenties.

"No, no. We were both about 30 when we got married."

Blank stare.

So there you have it. She thought I was really young. Then suddenly, she thought I was really old.

Totally cracked me up. Just you wait, friend. Just you wait. Before you know it, 30 will not seem old.

Speaking of 30 (which I surpassed about...well, you can do the math), I went to Julie and Julia yesterday. I loved it. Julie, a government worker who sets out to make hundreds of Julia Child's recipes in one year and blog about it, turns 30 in the movie and finds out it's not so bad.

(And also, Meryl Streep is absolutely brilliant as the endearing Julia Child.)

The way blogging was portrayed in this movie was actually quite accurate, right down to Julie's husband getting really tired of how a blog has taken over their lives.

When Julie blogs, she calls her husband a saint quite frequently, chronicling their daily lives and painting him to be quite the superhero because of all of his support and all the craziness he puts up with while she makes her way through many a french recipe.

And he hates that. "I'm NOT a saint! When you say that it makes me feel like an a-hole!" He screams during a fight.

But it's what she really believes. Despite his shortcomings, she sees him as good. So good in fact, that her love colors him with sainthood.

No one wants to be called a saint, really. We all know how totally imperfect we are, so it feels, for that person, like an enormous lie. But most of the time, the one who speaks those words really believes them to be true.

I'm going to make cupcakes now. For my husband. He's the one standing behind me in all that I do.

He's a saint.

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Kori said...

I think my boyfriend is a saint because he puts up with me being a total hag sometimes, I literally do not hear him if he is talking while I am blogging, I don't portray him in the most attracive light all the time, and yet he still packs my lunch in the mornings and sets the coffee pot the night before. Always. No matter how much a hag I am.

Enjoy your anniversary; I used to think 30 was old, too, by the way-until, you know, I turned 30. Now that I am approaching 40, I think what the hell was I worried about 30 for?

Christy said...

It sounds like you really are taking advantage of your 'me time' - good for you. I wish I could bake cupcakes today - it's my daughter's first birthday! But our oven is broken. Ugh. Hope yours turn out well! Enjoy your free time!

ps my husband is totally a saint too...

H-Mama said...

Happy Anniversary, you young woman you. ;)

Alyson (New England Living) said...

You gotta love that she thought you were in your early 20's. I told a worker at Pier One the other day that I had 4 kids. She said I looked too young. I LOVED it!

Happy anniversary! I love anniversaries.

Oh, and I gotta see that movie. Sounds awesome!

mandiegirl said...

Happy anniversary! I turned 27 last month, and was feeling kinda old getting closer to 30, but then I'd had several people tell me that their thrities were WAY better than their 20s, so I stopped feeling sorry for myself and began to get excited. :)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I'm going to see the movie this weekend, and now I want to even more.

Congrats on the anniversary. As time passes, it's difficult sometimes to think up unique ways to say "Happy Anniversary." Next year is my 25th. Although my husband is not a saint, he grows dearer to me with each year.

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Awww! That is so sweet - happy anniversary. :) My husband is such a saint too - as portrayed on my blog. :)

I want to see Julie and Julia too - I've heard nothing but good about it. Fun!

By the way - you do look super young. :)

People tend to look at me kind of funny when they ask about the prego belly and I tell them it is my fourth (it's actually my fifth - but I choose not to get into a bunch of details that people tend to feel awkward about...).

I did start pretty early. :) J.D. and K were born when I was 21.

Life Is Beautiful said...

Happy anniversary! We share the same anniversary date...today is our 10th!

The cupcakes sound yummy. Have a wonderful day with your saint.

Eowyn said...

Happy Anniversary! I think it's an interesting thing that we see things so differently. They are saints, those others that put up with us! We know they aren't, really, but we love them anyway!

Keyona said...

Happy Anniversary! Cute story.

I think I might go see the movie this weekend.

Hope the cupcakes are Yummy!

Angie said...

Awwww, happy anniversary to you and your saint. Enjoy celebrating the life you have together. Congrats.

sara said...

such a great movie...I really enjoyed it!!!

Happy Anniversary!!!

I laughed out loud when you said: "She thought I was really young. Then suddenly, she thought I was really old."

I have so gotten that look before!!

Crooked Eyebrow said...

What a wonderful post and Happy Anniversary!

Susan B. at warmchocmilk said...

Agghhhh! You told me it was your anniversayr and I didn't even say "Happy Anniversary" what's wrong with me? I think I'm obsessed with blogging. Since I'm new to it, it keeps me up at night sometimes, I keep thinking of things to change or things to fix or ideas to write down...I hope it gets better over time or I don't know how many anniversaries I'll have left. (just kidding) but it does drive my saint nuts!!

Susan B. at warmchocmilk said...

Agghhhh! You told me it was your anniversayr and I didn't even say "Happy Anniversary" what's wrong with me? I think I'm obsessed with blogging. Since I'm new to it, it keeps me up at night sometimes, I keep thinking of things to change or things to fix or ideas to write down...I hope it gets better over time or I don't know how many anniversaries I'll have left. (just kidding) but it does drive my saint nuts!!

Em said...

Happy Anniversary, you young thang!

I got carded at Walmart the other day while buying a bottle of wine. I beamed and told her "thanks for checking!!"

She said "oh, it's not me, the register makes you do it for everyone."

She should be out of traction in a couple of months.

Sabrina said...

Happy Anniversary!!! :)

C @ Kid Things said...

I have been with my husband since right out of high school. Which was 11, almost 12, years ago. Sigh.

Happy Anniversary!

mama-face said...

Beautifully said.

And 30 seems like an eternity ago; You never appreciate what you have until it's gone.

Happy Anniversary.

Marisa said...

Happy Anniversary! I think my 30's have been the best years! I have discovered a lot about myself and life in the last 4 years. I really do sometimes look forward to how comfortable my 40's might be.

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Happy Anniversary. Enjoy your cupcakes!

Elaine A. said...

Enjoy those anniversary cupcakes and your saintly husband. Congrats on five years and here's to MANY more! : )

Corinne said...

Happy Anniversary!
I really liked the blogging aspect of Julie & Julia as well, what a fun movie.

The other day at Target we had a young cashier w/ pink hair. She said something about how her hair matched Paige's dress. I looked at Paige and said "mommy had hair like that once too" and the girl just stared at me. Almost like she didn't believe someone w/ kids could ever have been "cool" enough to dye their hair funky colors ;)

Debbie said...

My husband and I have now passed into the realm where people want to know how many grandkids we have. Oh, to be mistaken for being young just one more time.
And there is a tiny bit of saint in our husbands, don't you think?

MommyTime said...

I've been really wanting to see that movie, and now I want to even more. As for the age thing, don't let it bother you. My daughter said something to me about what would happen when she was a grown up, and what I would do... and my son chimed in disdainfully, "SHE will be a grandma before you're even a grown-up." I had to explain that it would in fact require one of them being a grown-up before I could be a grandma. But that didn't make me feel much better. The moral? Anyone under 30 has no idea how to gauge how old anyone over 30 is.

Jen said...

I happen to think that my husband is a saint too. ;)

InkMom said...

I live in the town where I went to high school, so at the grocery store the other day, the checkout girl was talking about going to West. I said, "Oh, I went there, too." She said, "Really? Wow! Maybe you know my dad!"

Did I mention she had just graduated? And that I'm 32? I said, "I am NOT old enough to be your mother. So, no, I don't know your dad."

You cannot go backwards in time by backpedaling. Sorry, honey.

Congratulations on 5 years!

Carrie said...

That's funny about the saint thing. :) Congrats on your anniversary, hope you had a great day! :)

Mammatalk said...

Too funny. I went to see the same movie last night ,too.

Thought I saw you in the popcorn line. ;-)

And, hubs and I are nose to nose with the big 6 year anniversary. Guess that makes us really old! hhaha!

Peanut said...

Congratulations on five years of bliss (it's all been bliss, right? ;)

Thanks for the good news about turning 30. I'm only a few months away from 30, so I need all the positive talk that I can get...

DeNae said...

I've got 10 years on you age-wise and nearly 20 on you marriage-wise. Which means I was too young when I got married.

But take it from me, you think he's a saint now? Wait until you've been parenting with him for 22 years. He's the sexiest, most amazing hottie on the face of the earth after that.

Happy Anniversary!

Midwest Mommy said...

Happy Anniversary! Um, I was a little off when I guessed your age too :-)

Roban said...

Isn't that a nice present.... having the whole age thing wrong! Although I'm definitely aging a bit, (well a lot of bit), people have thought that I'm about 10 years younger than I am. Ten years younger is now in the 30s though, so somehow that doesn't sound as good as that 20s thing you've got going.

Happy Anniversary :-)

happygeek said...

Gotta love it when 30 seems old.
I really do want to see that movie. A movie about food and blogging is pretty much perfection in my eyes.

Bloggin Betty said...

Found you from Chief. And love your blog! Congrats on your anniversary :)

Kazzy said...

Dontcha feel like you are so so blessed to have such a terrific hubby? Seriously, I have so many unhappily married friends.

Congrats to you guys. It keeps getting better!

JustRandi said...

Congratulations! Any hubby who knows to bring home Danish Brie is a keeper!

Jo@Mylestones said...

Happy Anniversary! And 35 is YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG!
And to the lady who DID NOT card me yesterday when the register asked her if I looked under 40, I have to say SERIOUSLY? Not even UNDER 40? REALLY?? You know,just in case she's reading your blog and remembers me. :-)

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Happy Anniversary, you little teenager you, and for the record... I think more people are saints than they're willing to take credit for. And I'm not talking about the kind the pope has to approve. I mean the REAL kind of saints. (as in so common, so genuine, and so trying hard to be good all the time).

L a u r a said...

Happy Anniversary, youngster!
I call my husband saintly (and he is)...but he doesn't read my blog, so I guess he can't be bothered by it!

I remember in grade school, we were all asked to figure out how old we'd be in the year 2000. Waaaaay too far in the future and waaaay too old. I thought 30 was old...until I did mission work with the elderly. Now 70 isn't very old to me...unless it's me, then it's old! ;)

Dave said...

too bad you weren't buying a beer. getting carded would have been a thrill :-)

happy anni :-)

(I miss being carded. sigh)

CC said...

I love it!!! I think I need to see that movie when it goes to the cheap theaters.

Hubby and I celebrated 12 years a few weeks ago (yes, we married young). As his gift, I made carrot cake cupcakes. Cuz carrot cake was our wedding cake.

Guess great cupcake minds think alike! ;)

L.T. Elliot said...

I'd like to see that movie. Happy Anniversary, you young thing you!

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

A) You do look young. Embrace it, sister ;)

B) Happy Anniversary! Aren't you sweet for making cupcakes for your man.

C) I completely understand the "saint" explanation, you are absolutely correct. I totally understand why it makes him feel weird, though. People have called me that, too, and it puts you up on a pedestal that makes you feel like you're going to fall the second they turn away.

D) I'm so eager to see the movie, too. A movie about blogging, woohoo!

BTW, I hope you had a great time hanging out with Steph and Beth. Still jealous. :(

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Heather and Ryan!

I am constantly in search of the best gifts for Husband, since he's so hard to buy for...but he is most assuredly in love with cake of almost any kind. Poor Anja won't see much of her leftover birthday cupcakes!

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