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Friday~September 18, 2009

Wanna see/read some cool stuff?

Okay then...

Amy Turn Sharp of Doobleh-Vay put up a post last Friday called while they nap I should be working. It made my day. Go ahead and watch her short video clip, it'll make you feel all happy.
(Check out some other posts while you're there. If you think her lip-syncing is good, you should read her posts with her own words. She's absolutely positively talented, that lady.)

Then over at Moms Without Blogs, I was moved by Lee's post about the small moments gifted to us by our children, the ones that help us realize we're doing okay even when we haven't felt at all like we're succeeding. It's a beautiful heart-felt post, giving me just the reminder I needed at just the right moment.

(Not because I don't care what you have to say,
I just want you to go to those other two places instead.)

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