Hey look, a chicken!

Wednesday~October 7, 2009

Yesterday, when I asked you all to share your favorite blog posts (of your very own) with me, (which you can still do here) a few of you asked me to share mine.

And then I stalled. (Sorry 'bout it.)

But you see, I knew that katdish was going to be sharing one of my favorites over on Hey look, a chicken! today, so I wanted to wait.

If you're still curious, you can head on over there for my favorite post. It comes to mind when thinking of a favorite simply because it literally wrote itself through the people around me. I had never had that experience before, putting words together without ruminating over how to do it, and then I loved the way it turned out. It taught me a lot about how good writing can be when you take the second-guessing out of it.

I have to say a big thank you to the hilarious, wise, and talented katdish for having me today. (If you happen to be visiting here via katdish for the first time today, you can find my more presentable stuff under 'hits' at the top of the page. Thank you for coming by!)

And another big thank you is in order for all of you who joined in and shared your favorite posts with me! I'm still working my way through, and so far I've been loving this trip around the blogosphere reading your spectacular posts. I've laughed and cried a lot, let me just say that, and it's a really good time...for me...since I like laughing...and even crying...I'll stop now. Peace out.

Thank you.

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