Sunday in Kyoto

Tuesday~October 27th, 2009

Do you need some help finding children's music that won't drive you crazy? As many of you may remember, I needed that help too. Thankfully I was given many great suggestions in my comment box, and even some in my actual mailbox, like this one:

The acclaimed publishing company The Secret Mountain has done it again with Sunday in Kyoto. This gorgeously illustrated hardcover book and accompanying CD give a truly beautiful multicultural experience. Canadian singer-songriter Gilles Vigneault delivers with impressive and meaningful lyrics, and illustrator Stephane Jorisch, who has created sets for Le Cirque du Soleil, absolutely blew me away with the illustrations for this book.

This book/CD combo is deserving of all the attention from School Library Journal, AOL kids, Zooglobble, Kiwi Magazine and many more. It is the kind of art I like having around the house (or in the car minivan). Yes, I just called it art, because that's what it is.

Here, see for yourself. I'm betting you'll be moved like I was...

The songs on this album "evoke (Vigneault's) love of nature, culture and travel and are imbued with natural imagery as well as multinational characters and settings." - Sacks and Co.

This book and accompanying CD are just plain lovely. My boys sit enthralled by the music and illustrations and are lulled to rest on road trips with the soft melodic lullabies this album includes. I'm wondering what could be better than that?

The music is peaceful, then sometimes silly, and always capturing. The book is beautiful, truly.

Sunday in Kyoto came out TODAY, so it's available for purchase here. It would make a great gift for your children or the children in your lives.

(Just so you know, I was not compensated for writing this review, but I did receive the book and CD for free, which in this case is excellent compensation.)

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L.T. Elliot said...

Great suggestion! I can't wait to read and hear it. =]

Nap Warden said...

You had me at illustrations;)

charrette said...

So peaceful. Great suggestion!

5thsister said...

Lovely! Absolutely lovely!

Corinne said...

Very nice! My husband and I were just talking over the weekend about kids music... how he's not a fan of kids artists specifically (but he's ok with "regular" artists doing kids music... ugh...) This might be a good compromise ;)

Becca said...

I love, love when production teams work to create something truly lovely for The Whole Family to enjoy and grow through. Thanks for the recommendation!

Haley said...

Thanks for sharing. This looks really great!

Tooj said...

How strange is it that I actually enjoyed singing "head shoulders knees and toes" this morning? Maybe it's because it keeps OJ quiet.

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