Giving Up

Monday~November 23, 2009

I would stand in front of the Dr. Pepper and I'd think about how good it would taste, but then I'd remember I could live without it. I'd write what it would have cost in a small notebook when I got back to the car.

There were several small chances to save like this throughout the days, and though I'm not usually a disciplined person, I liked to think about what we were saving our dollars to do. I liked my little notebook. Money I normally wouldn't have missed spending on my usual frivolities would soon be money I gave away instead, and still wouldn't miss.

Two other friends were doing this new thing with me. Each week we'd bring whatever money we had totaled in our notebooks and compile it. Kim became our book keeper and banker, and as the weeks passed, the couple of dollars here and there that we refrained from spending had become hundreds.

I'm sharing what we did with the money after giving up small things over at Christmas Change today.

Head on over there (GRANDMA, YOU CLICK ON THAT UNDERLINED PART ABOVE) for the rest of the story, and for more ideas on how you can give back this holiday season...

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