Wednesday~December 9, 2009


Welcome to Blog • Bid • Hope, an auction benefiting The Liz Logelin Foundation and Anissa Mayhew. (To learn more about these two great causes, please read my previous post on the auction.)

Please scroll down to the connected posts to see the amazing items donated for your bidding pleasure right here on The Extraordinary Ordinary. (pssst...I want the monkey spoons, and the cupcake aprons. And Miles wants the car that turns into a robot, and oh how I want the bracelet and....yeah, see? You better get bidding before I keep it all!)

Seven host sites are each offering a different selection of items, so be sure to visit everyone: Buried with Children, Mayhem & Moxie, Scary Mommy, 7 Clown Circus, Adventures in Babywearing, & Mama’s Losin’ It. Bidding will begin at $10 and bids will increase at $2 increments. If you see an item you'd like to bid on, simply leave a comment on that item's post stating your price. The auction is open until Friday, December 11th at 7pm (CST). Winners will be notified by Monday, December 14th and can send payment via Paypal. (Shipping to US and Canada only, please.)

Thank you for your participation, and happy bidding!


Don't see anything you want to bid on? There are many other ways to help:

Aiming Low, a community site started by Anissa, is hosting a "Shop for Anissa Day." Visit their site for vendors who will be donating the days proceeds to Anissa and family.

You can also donate directly by clicking below:

For Anissa

For the Love of Liz:


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♥Georgie♥ said...

You ladies are so awesome for what you are doing to help the Mayhew family!

Anonymous said...

This is just wonderful, what you're all doing!

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