That's what it was about

Tuesday~January12, 2010

It was all about casual and small
and getting a turn at holding a baby
It was all about laughing
and feeling baby kicks
It was all about eating together
a lot of eating
Oh the eating
And then just sitting and talking in this beautiful space
Like I said, it was good...

I'm in love with this picture...

Erin and Baby Tommy, Beth, Steph and Ivy, Sarah, Elizabeth and Baby
at Cupcake '10

And also, I'm in love with Beth's belly...

Yes, that's me with Beth's really cold bare baby belly. (photo taken by the amazing Crooked Eyebrow)

We took some time that night in the candlelight
(not just Beth's belly and I, but all of us)
and we told our stories
and just like women do
we opened our hearts to learning
and hearing and being heard
and I can't describe it
Their voices
the rise of them when moved to sadness
how they gesture
their style
little bits of them that there's no other way to know
but to see them and hear them
in person

That's why I went...

It was a long trip and I honestly didn't know exactly what to expect.

Kind of like anything else in life.

I'm slowly learning that this blogging thing really can lead me to real friendships, it's just simply a newish avenue to the same place. That's why after we connect through each other's words, we can't help but say I need to see her. Because friendships need faces and voices and time, in person. Sooner or later.

Like "the old days," when meeting a pen pal for the very first time, this seeing of each other solidifies something we already knew was there.

That's what we had at Cupcake '10.

Me, Maggie, Lee, Elizabeth, and Ann

'Til next time, sweet ladies...I'll see you on your blog.

(I had no idea I would ever say that in my whole life ever. But I'm thinking I love it.)

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Becky said...

Aww, I love that last picture. Was that at Cupcake?

Thanks again for all you did for this Heather! Much much love!

Sara Joy said...

I love it too.
This was so good mostly because those who inspired it are so good. I'm so grateful I got to be a part of it - you're amazing.

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

It sounds like you all had the right idea. What a wonderful way to meet and connect with other women. I got goosebumps reading this.

Erin said...

This is wonderful. I loved the eating and sitting and talking. And eating. Lots and lots of eating. And also? I love you. Lots.

Ann's Rants said...

Miss you already. I really do.


L.T. Elliot said...

This is SO COOL. I love the pictures. In fact, I was just thinking today that I'd love to see some and you read my mind.

Kim said...

I have loved reading everyone's posts about Cupcake 10. i am thinking we'll need to definitely have cupcakes when you come out here.
I wish I could have come, miss you ALL!

MommaKiss said...

LOVE the pictures. I'm a former 'sconnie and would have SO been there if I were w/in 200 miles!

jen said...

i still can't believe i missed it ... and all of these posts are making me feel awful.
but then again ... you should see how clean my house is after all the nesting that occurred this weekend.
next time.

LutherLiz said...

sounds amazing. Is it too soon for cupcake10 the sequel (now with sprinkles?)

The Rambler said...

Looks like such fun!!

Amazing how this 'internet' thing as my gramma calls it can pull perfect strangers to it's place and create friendships. Amazing. :)

tinycandi said...

It looks like you had a great time! I hope one of these days I'll be able to go to something like this. I think it's the kind of blogging "conference" I would enjoy, instead of something huge that's more about business than people. Love the pictuers!

Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry said...

This post is perfection and you are so fantastic and amazing.

And not many people can put a picture of me on their blog without makeup on but you did and I'm not mad or anything! That is amazing.

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Oh, this is MY kind of meet-up. Talking, eating, laughing, crying. Not worrying about having your laptop and tweeting as you go. Just being real together. I bet it was amazing. I mean, just look at those faces! Glowing with kindredship.

Laanykidsmom said...

Glad you had a great time. Makes me wish I could have gone. We need fun like that in the cold Januarys of the midwest!!

Mommy Mo said...

Are you purposely trying to make me jealous that I was not there?! Not fair.

Cupcake of the South, that's all I have to say about that : ).

Keyona said...

It sounds like that meeting meant so much to you. Glad you did it!

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

I'm with Lisa, yo. I'm so stinkin' jealous to not have shared cupcakes and giggles with you ladies. <3

Stephanie said...

That picture of you kissing Beth's belly - priceless! I think it will take me forever to fully process everything I learned this weekend - what a WONDERFUL getaway. SO glad I had the opportunity to meet all of you.

MommyTime said...

It sounds so affirming and wonderful. I'm glad you had such a great time.

Jen said...

I LOVE that you had a great time. Maybe next time, I can come.

Deb said...

Sounds amazing! I've only been to one blogging event, where I met one blogger I was familiar with and a few new friends who live in my area. Guess whose blogs I've followed the most closely ever since? Some of us are even planning to get together with our kids next week, and I can hardly wait.

MidnightCafe said...

What beautiful photos! I'm glad Cupcake was so blessed!

Elaine A. said...

Y'all are all so beautiful and every post I read just makes me wish I could have joined all of you lovelies! These friendships really are amazing.

Lee of MWOB said...

I love that picture of those mamas with their babies too. That's awesome.

You wrote it all so perfectly Heather...and yeah, I'll see you on your blog. But I wish I were seeing you in person. Sooner than who knows when? :-)

Send me that last pic of us - cool?

Miss you truly chica -


Kate Coveny Hood said...

How fun! Wish there was something like that here in the DC area...

Maggie, dammit said...

I just love you. I just do.

See you again SOON. I hope.


Debbie said...

How sweet! I love that this blogging is leading us to each other.

Amber@theRunaMuck said...

Seriously. I wish it down to my bones that I were in these pictures.

It all looks so beautiful.

Haley said...

It really was the best. :-)

SO VERY nice to see you again...hoping to do it again sometime soon!

Boy Crazy said...

I love you. That's all.

kanishk said...

What a wonderful way to meet and connect with other women. I got goosebumps reading this.

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