This Winter

Thursday~January 14, 2010

our backyard - first winter 2010

This Winter started us off in constant motion. Holidays, lots of sickness, moving house. We were moving forward so fast it was much like that cold gust of wind to your face.

That gasp-catching of breath, impossible to breathe.

backyard - January 11, 2010

We've been moving like that for so long. So busy. So much.

We're so ready to slow down and just be, just simplify.

inches - January 11, 2010

My mind is whirling with what changes need to be made, what colors to paint, what furniture we need or don't need. What is excess and what is just right? What needs emptying out and what needs keeping, inside of me and out.

So we've decided to stop. To leave it for Spring while our wheels creak and grind, slowing and coming to an unfamiliar halt.


Less worrying about a clean house or what to do with bare white walls.

And more playing of the beautiful free gift we were given just yesterday.

Asher - first day with new piano. January 13, 2010



Less time looking for the next big move, big thing or big improvement.
And more time taking a really good look at each other.

And that's all. Just us. Living.

Living in Winter with its stillness and letting go and emptying out and then starting something new, in the Spring.


Today while Asher napped, Miles and I were resting together (this means that I wished I was sleeping and he flopped around bonking me in the head with elbows and knees). He asked hard questions about earthquakes. Then he said that maybe we should fly to Haiti and pick up some people and bring them home with us. He said "maybe their food got squished."

This Winter, I want to be more like Miles.


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