Clue: It's the one about something heavy in my belly

It's time for The Saturday Evening Blog Post with Elizabeth Esther. This is an opportunity (the first Saturday of each month) for the Internets to share their best, favorite and/or most well-received post from the previous month. Head on over there to check out what post I chose (I know, pins and needles), and to read some of the best posts you can find around the web.

(The post I chose this month was also featured on Five Star Friday (Edition #93) yesterday. Nothing but an honor. Thank you, Schmutzie.)

Five Star Friday

Apparently the link I shared over on The Saturday Evening Blog Post was not the right one. (I blame my ADD.) I added another one, it's #40 over there. Sorry for the confusion!


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Heidi Ashworth said...

Hi Heather--I'm probably doing something but when I follow the link over to Esther's and click on your blog name, it just brings me back to today's post, not the one I am guessing you want us to find. : ( Like I said, probably my problem. . . .

Shana said...

It's not just your problem, Heidi. I'm getting the same thing. Perhaps we're both losing it?!? :)

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